SGWF Eclipse Results - Oct-09 2021 (Match History)

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Match Results

3517. Tornado Tag 4-Way (1-fall) Match: THE CULT wins (Placeholder Ladder Clutch to Nightmare Blackwell).
Stipulations: Ladder Match

3518. Triple Threat (Elim) Match:
Order of Elimination:
1: Lilith Knight by Diana Jones (Pinfall) at 07:49
2: Lew by Diana Jones (Pinfall) at 12:38


3519. Triple Threat (1-fall) Match: REDWOLF defeats Chris Redfield by Pinfall.

3520. Poutine Belt Qualification Match:
Order of Elimination:
1: Eldrin the Butcher by Sinister Cooper (Table) at 06:24
2: Stuart Keane by Sinister Cooper (Table) at 09:37
3: Sinister Cooper by Maxx Strong (Table) at 16:54

Stipulations: Tables

3521. Five-Way (1-fall) Match: BLITZ CREEG defeats WynSum LooSum by First Blood.

3522. Tornado Tag 3-Way (1-fall) Match: THE HIT SQUAD defeats Empire of Pain (Cai Pinfall to Madison Windraker).

3523. Men's Universal #1 Contender Quarter-Final Match A: BATCOW defeats Wise by Pinfall.

3524. Women's SGWF #1 Contender Qualifier D:
Order of Elimination:
1: Madison Windraker by Allure (Submission) at 04:16
2: Sarah the Necromancer by Diana Jones (Pinfall) at 04:58
3: Allure by Diana Jones (Pinfall) at 06:24


3525. Tornado Tag 4-Way (1-fall) Match: DANCE REVOLUTION wins (Placeholder Ladder Clutch to Roselet).
Stipulations: Ladder Match

3526. Women's Universal #1 Contender Quarter-Final Match A: LORHANA defeats Cai by Pinfall.

3527. Battle Royal Match:
Order of Elimination:
1: SerGerrick by Demon Tin Man (Over the Top Rope) at 00:25
2: Ruinstrider by Sephiroht (Over the Top Rope) at 00:43
3: Sephiroht by Scurvei Doggonev (Over the Top Rope) at 01:02
4: Demon Tin Man by Isaac Smoke (Over the Top Rope) at 01:46
5: Stone by Isaac Smoke (Over the Top Rope) at 02:31
6: Scurvei Doggonev by Isaac Smoke (Over the Top Rope) at 03:25
7: Isaac Smoke by Freeksho (Over the Top Rope) at 04:58


3528. Triple Threat (Best 2 of 3 Falls) Match: BATCOW defeats Redwolf by Pinfall.
Stipulations: Hell in a Cell
** lurker reward match selected by VikingWolfKing87.