SGWF Match Results (Women) – Jan.13 2020

Tag Team Match

Result: Sugar ‘n Spice defeat Break You.

One on One Match

Result: Dazzling Moon Daisy defeats Harley Quinn

Twitch Battle Royal #1

** Winner takes on Twitch Champion.

Order of Elimination:

  1. Paige
  2. Lita
  3. Alexa Bliss
  4. Trish Stratus
  5. Capt. Mar-Vell
  6. Allure
  7. Lady Red
  8. Scarlett (WINNER)

One on One Match

Result: defeats Jessica Caine

Triple Threat Match

** Winner takes on #1 contender next week.

Elimination Order:

  1. Sylvanas
  2. Baker
  3. Velvet Dove (WINNER)

One on One Match

Result: AJ Lee defeats Psylocke.

Tag Team Match

Result: High Voltage defeat Fire & Desire.

One on One Match

Result: Chun Li defeats Maddie Hunter.

Fatal Four-Way (RR30 #2)

Order of Elimination:

  1. Lew
  2. Charlotte Flair
  3. Sylvanas
  4. Jinx (WINNER)

Twitch Championship

Result: The Baker defends her title again Scarlett.

Triple Threat Tornado Tag Team Championship Match

Order of Elimination:

  1. The Warriors
  2. The Assassins
  3. The Vicious Circle (WINNERS)

The Vicious Circle are the inaugural SGWF Women’s Tag Team Champions!