SGWF Match results (Men) – Mar.23 2020

Triple Threat – Wrestlemania Semi-Final #1

Participants: Levistus, Wolfpac, Xortz the Goblin
Result: Xortz the Goblin wins by pinning Wolfpac.

Tornado Tag Team Match

Result: Butchers from Below defeat The Hart Foundation (Eldrin the Butcher pins Jim Neidhart).

Singles Match

Result: SerGerrick defeats Cobra Commander by pinfall.

Fatal Four-Way #1 (SF#3 Qualifier)

Order of Elimination:

  1. NapTime (submits to Eh-Bomb)
  2. Hulk Hogan (pinned by Eh-Bomb)
  3. Eh-Bomb (pinned by Vincent Johnson)
  4. Vincent Johnson (WINNER)

Twitch Battle Royal

Order of Elimination:

  1. Spider-Man (by Ted DiBiase)
  2. Ted DiBiase (by Dr. Doom)
  3. Starman (by Dr. Doom)
  4. Zartan (by SerGerrick)
  5. The Amazon (by Slam Williams)
  6. SerGerrick (by Slam Williams)
  7. Dr. Doom (by Slam Williams)
  8. Slam Williams (WINNER)

Singles Match

Result: The Swinger defeats Mr. Perfect.

Fatal Four-Way #2 (SF#3 Qualifier)

Order of Elimination

  1. Rustic Thor (pinned by Sephiroht)
  2. Stone (pinned by Sephiroht)
  3. Sephiroht (pinned by Hillbilly Jim)
  4. Hillbilly Jim (WINNER)

Singles Match

Result: The Undertaker defeats Eh-Bomb by pinfall.

Tag Team Match

Result: The Warriors Two defeat The Crimson Twins by pinfall (SerGerrick pins Tomax).

Fatal Four-Way #3 (SF#2 Qualifier)

Order of Elimination:

  1. The Swinger (pinned by DemonRisaca)
  2. Elbi Froggeh (pinned by Eldrin the Butcher)
  3. DemonRisaca (pinned by Eldrin the Butcher)
  4. Eldrin the Butcher (WINNER)

Tornado Tag Team Match (non-title)

Result: The Grinders defeat The Blade Runners (Storm Shadow submits to Levistus).

Boss Match

Result: Eldrin the Butcher defeats Venom by pinfall. Eldrin earns a spot in the Wrestlemania Contenders Match.

Twitch Championship Match

Result: Slam Williams defeats Vincent Johnson by pinfall to become the new Twitch Champion!