SGWF Match results (Men) – Mar.23 2020

Triple Threat – Wrestlemania Semi-Final #1

Participants: Xortz the Goblin, Wolfpac, Levistus
Result: Xortz the Goblin wins by pinning Wolfpac.

Tag Team Match

Result: Butchers from Below defeat The Hart Foundation by pinfall.

Singles Match

Result: SerGerrick defeats Cobra Commander by pinfall.

Fatal Four-Way #1 (SF#3 Qualifier)

Order of Elimination:

  1. NapTime submits to Eh-Bomb.
  2. Eh-Bomb pins Hulk Hogan.
  3. Vincent Johnson (WINNER) pins Eh-Bomb.

Twitch Battle Royal

Order of Elimination:

  1. Spider-Man
  2. Ted DiBiase
  3. Starman
  4. Zartan
  5. The Amazon
  6. SerGerrick
  7. Dr. Doom
  8. Slam Williams (WINNER)

Singles Match

Result: The Swinger defeats Mr. Perfect.

Fatal Four-Way #2 (SF#3 Qualifier)

Order of Elimination

  1. Sephiroht pins Rustic Thor.
  2. Sephiroht pins Stone.
  3. Hillbilly Jim (WINNER) pins Sephiroht.

Singles Match

Result: The Undertaker defeats Eh-Bomb by pinfall.

Tag Team Match

Result: The Warriors Two defeat The Crimson Twins by pinfall (SerGerrick pins Tomax).

Fatal Four-Way #3 (SF#2 Qualifier)

Order of Elimination:

  1. DemonRisaca pins The Swinger.
  2. Eldrin the Butcher pins Elbi Froggeh.
  3. Eldrin the Butcher (WINNER) pins DemonRisaca.

Tag Team Match (non-title)

Result: The Grinders defeat The Blade Runners by submission (Snake-Eyes submits to Levistus).

Boss Match

Result: Eldrin the Butcher defeats Venom by pinfall. Eldrin earns a spot in the Wrestlemania Contenders Match.

Twitch Championship Match

Result: Slam Williams defeats Vincent Johnson by pinfall to become the new Twitch Champion!

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