SGWF Wrestlemania RESULTS – Apr.6 2020

Women’s 4-Way Tornado Tag Team Match

Result: Break You defeats The Hit Squad, Covert Ops, and The Assassins (She-Hulk pins Zarana).

Men’s 6-Way Elimination Match

Order of Elimination:

  1. Sephiroht (pinned by Rustic Thor)
  2. NapTime (pinned by Elbi Froggeh)
  3. Stone (pinned by Elbi Froggeh)
  4. Elbi Froggeh (pinned by DemonRisaca)
  5. DemonRisaca (pinned by Rustic Thor)
  6. Rustic Thor (WINNER)

Men’s Contenders Match

Participants: Slam Williams, The Swinger, Vincent Johnson, Eldrin the Butcher.
Result: Vincent Johnson wins by pinning The Swinger.

Women’s Twitch Battle Royal

*Winner faces the Twitch Champion.

Order of Elimination:

  1. The Baker (by Nia Jax)
  2. Allure (by Alex Samuels)
  3. Sarah the Necromancer (by Nia Jax)
  4. Trish Stratus (by Velvet Dove)
  5. Velvet Dove (by Alex Samuels)
  6. Alex Samuels (by Nia Jax)
  7. Dazzling Moon Daisy (by Nia Jax)
  8. Nia Jax (WINNER)

Men’s Twitch Battle Royal

*Winner faces the Twitch Champion.

Order of Elimination:

  1. Hillbilly Jim (by Levistus)
  2. Wolfpac (by Levistus)
  3. Levistus (by Slam Williams)
  4. Roadblock (by SerGerrick)
  5. Eh-Bomb (by Hulk Hogan)
  6. Hulk Hogan (by Slam Williams)
  7. SerGerrick (by Slam Williams)
  8. Slam Williams (WINNER)

Men’s Tournament Final

Order of Elimination:

  • The Swinger (pinned by Xortz the Goblin).
  • Slam Williams (pinned by Eldrin the Butcher).
  • Xortz the Goblin (pinned by Eldrin the Butcher).
  • Eldrin the Butcher (WINNER)

Women’s Contenders Match

Participants: Lita, Lew, Candy Mandy, Maddie Hunter.
Result: Candy Mandy wins by pinning Lita.

Women’s Twitch Championship Match

Result: Zynda defeats Nia Jax by submission to defend the title!

Men’s Tag Team Championship Match

Result: The Grinders defeat the Butchers from Below to defend their titles (Levistus pins Eldrin the Butcher).

Men’s Twitch Championship Match

Result: The Swinger defeats Slam Williams by pinfall and retains the title.

Women’s Triple Threat Tag Team Championship Match

Participants: Sugar ‘n Spice (champions), The Vicious Circle, Birds of Prey.
Result: Sugar ‘n Spice defend their titles (Maddie Hunter pins Kaycee Turner).

Men’s World Championship Match

Result: AJ Omega defeats Eldrin the Butcher by pinfall to defend the title.

Women’s World Championship Match

Result: Lady Red defeats Capt. Marvel by pinfall to defend the title.