SGWF Paragons Match results – Jul.7 2020

Singles Match

Result: Maddie Hunter defeats Psylocke by pinfall.

Tag Team Match

Result: Sin City Vixens defeat Double Rainbows (Valentina Diaz pins Roselet).

Singles Match

Result: The Baker defeats Sylvanas by submission.

Triple Threat Match

Participants: Adwoa, Capt. Marvel, She-Hulk.
Result: Capt. Marvel wins by pinning Adwoa.

Singles Match

Result: Amber Andrews defeats The Baroness by pinfall.

Tag Team Match

Result: Baby Ranksta & Zynda defeat The Bolsheviks (Zynda pins Fran Stalinovsky).

Canadian Gauntlet Match

Result: Zarana defeats Lita by pinfall.

Triple Threat

Participants: Allure, Baby Ranksta, Zynda.
Result: Allure wins by pinning Zynda.

Singles Match

Result: Jessica Caine defeats Lew by submission.

Tag Team Match (non-title)

Result: The Vicious Circle defeat The Hit Squad (Alice Wright submits to Suzie Machina).

Boss Match

Result: Sarah the Necromancer defeats Venom by pinfall.

Twitch Championship Match

Result: Madison Windraker defeats Alice Wright by pinfall to defend the title!