SGWF Paragons Match results – Jul.28 2020

Triple Threat Match

Participants: Zarana, Allure, Sylvanas
Result: Allure wins by making Zarana submit.

Debut Match

Result: The Scruffy Druid defeats Marge Simpson by pinfall.

Tag Team Match

Result: The MassHoles defeat The Bolsheviks (Fran Stalinovsky submits to Sarah the Necromancer).

Triple Threat

Participants: Alex Samuels, Psylocke, Space Unicorn.
Result: Space Unicorn wins by pinning Psylocke.

Singles Match

Result: Alice Wright defeats Crazy Katie Schwoyer by pinfall.

Tag Team Match

Result: Double Rainbows defeat The Vicious Circle (Space Unicorn pins Kaycee Turner).

Singles Match

Result: Sarah the Necromancer defeats Candy Mandy by pinfall.

Tag Team Match (non-title)

Result: The Hit Squad defeat Birds of Prey (Madison Windraker pins Velvet Dove).

Triple Threat

Participants: Maddie Hunter, Miss Gatorcroc, Dazzling Moon Daisy.
Result: Dazzling Moon Daisy wins by pinning Maddie Hunter.

Canadian Gauntlet Match

Result: Roselet defeats Lilith Knight by pinfall to retain the Poutine Belt.

Boss Match

Result: She-Hulk defeats Allure by pinfall.

Internet Championship Match

Result: Capt. Marvel defeats Zynda by pinfall to defend the Internet Championship!

SGWF Championship Match

Result: Lita defeats Madison Windraker by pinfall to become the new Women’s SGWF Champion!