SGWF Paragons Match results – Sep.15 2020

Triple Threat Match

Result: Sephiroht wins by pinning Tuxedo Mask.

Tag Team Match

Result: Faces of Fear defeat Sugar ‘n Spice (Sarah the Necromancer pins The Baker).

Rivalry Match

Result: Baby Ranksta defeats Lady Agony by pinfall.
Baby Ranksta takes a 1 – 0 lead.

Triple Threat Match

Result: JR wins by pinning Adwoa.

Universal Tournament Quarter-Final Match #1

Result: Zynda defeats Frozen Queen Elsa by pinfall.

Tag Team Match

Result: Double Rainbows defeat Sin City Vixens (Roselet pins Lucy Love).

Triple Threat Match

Result: Lilith Knight wins by making Alex Samuels submit.

Universal Tournament Quarter-Final Match #2

Result: Sporty Spice defeats Lita by submission.

Triple Threat Match

Result: Succubus wins by pinning Madison Windraker.

Canadian Gauntlet Match

Result: Cai defeats Dazzling Moon Daisy to win the Poutine Belt!

Tag Team Match

Result: The Vicious Circle defeat The Bolsheviks (Fran Stalinovsky submits to Suzie Machina).

Boss Match

Result: Allure defeats The Baroness by pinfall.

Internet Championship Match

Result: Cai defeats Lady Agony by submission to defend the Internet Championship!

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