SGWF Galactic Wrestling – Sep.27 2020

SGWF Galactic Wrestling features a mix of wrestlers from the SGWF Titans and SGWF Paragons shows.

Start Time: Sundays at 10:00 AM Eastern.
Match card subject to change.

Scheduled Matches

DEBUT Match: Molotov Cocktail v Marge Simpson

Triple Threat Match: MadWind v Mischka v Ali Morgan

DEBUT Match: BatCow v Ned Flanders

4-Team Tornado Tag Elimination Match:
– Les Femmes Fatales
– Frozen Ice Queens
– Sin City Vixens
– Sugar ‘n Spice

Triple Threat Match: Draven v Hulk Hogan v NapTime

Singles Match: Lita v Lady Red

4-Team Tornado Tag Elimination Match:
– Disciples of Darkness
– The Chick Magnets
– Brothers of Destruction
– The Grinders

Triple Threat Match: The Baker v Amber Andrews v The Scruffy Druid

Triple Threat Match: Ruinstrider v Blood Rage v Tuxedo Mask

4-Team Tornado Tag Elimination Match:
– Birds of Prey
– Double Rainbows
– Faces of Fear
– The Infiltrators

Triple Threat Match: Grimm v Stone v Levistus

Singles Match: Maddie Hunter v Alice Wright

4-Team Tornado Tag Elimination Match:
– The Backwoodsmen
– Poutine Pounders
– The Warriors Two
– Grim Nights

RIVALRY Match (No Holds Barred): Baby Ranksta v Lady Agony
– Baby Ranksta leads best-of-5 series 2 – 0.

RIVALRY Match (No Holds Barred): DemonRisaca v Rustic Thor
– Best-of-7 series is tied 1 – 1.