SGWF Eclipse Match results – Oct.24 2020


Result: One Eye Willie defeats Ned Flanders by pinfall.

Singles Match

Result: Junkyard Dog defeats Nightmare Blackwell by pinfall.

Singles Match

Result: Maddie Hunter defeats Zynda by pinfall.

Tag Team Match

Result: Poutine Pounders defeat Disciples of Darkness (Nightmare Blackwell submits to Toasty).

Triple Threat Match

Result: Sinister Cooper wins by pinning Draven.

Tag Team Match

Result: Vicious Moon defeat Birds of Prey (Velvet Dove submits to Dazzling Moon Daisy).

Singles Match

Result: JR defeats Allure by pinfall.

Singles Match

Result: Kaycee Turner defeats Mistress Mjolnir by count-out.

Men’s Internet Battle Royal

Order of Elimination:

  1. The Ghost Knight (by One Eye Willie)
  2. One Eye Willie (by Dr. Bacon)
  3. Tuxedo Mask (by SerGerrick)
  4. Dr. Bacon (by Slam Williams)
  5. BatCow (by Stone)
  6. Stone (by Slam Williams)
  7. SerGerrick (by Slam Williams)
  8. Slam Williams (WINNER)