SGWF Galactic Wrestling Match results – Oct.25 2020

Singles Match

Result: Vincent Johnson defeats Blood Rage by pinfall.

Tag Team Match

Result: The Hit Squad defeat The Infiltrators (Madison Windraker pins Lady Red).

Singles Match

Result: Xortz the Goblin defeats Ruinstrider by pinfall.

Tag Team Match

Result: Warriors Two defeat Harvesters of Sorrow (SerGerrick pins Abbadon).

Singles Match

Result: Cacie Edgewood defeats Lew by pinfall.

Women’s Internet Battle Royal

Order of Elimination

  1. Molotov Cocktail (by Candy Mandy).
  2. Candy Mandy (by Crazy).
  3. Mischka (by The Scruffy Druid).
  4. Lady Adony (by The Scruffy Druid).
  5. The Scruffy Druid (by Alex Samuels).
  6. Crazy (by Alex Samuels).
  7. Alex Samuels (by The Baker).
  8. The Baker (WINNER)

Tag Team Match

Result: The Pac Attack defeat The Grinders (Eldrin the Butcher pins Levistus).

Triple Threat Match

Result: The Swinger wins with a pinfall on Abaddon.

Men’s Power Rankings Elimination Match

Order of Elimination:

  1. The Iron Yuppie (pinned by Eldrin the Butcher).
  2. Eldrin the Butcher (submitted to Levistus).
  3. Wolfpac (pinned by Rustic Thor).
  4. Sarge (pinned by Levistus).
  5. DemonRisaca (pinned by Rustic Thor).
  6. Rustic Thor (pinned by Levistus).
  7. Levistus (pinned by Alpha Reaper).
  8. Alpha Reaper (WINNERS)