SGWF Survivor Series results – Nov.23 2020

Men’s Canadian Championship Match

Results: Toasty defeats Sinister Cooper by pinfall to defend the Canadian Championship!

Women’s Triple Threat Tag Team Championship Match

Results: Faces of Fear defend the Women’s Tag Team Championship (Baby Ranksta submitted to Crazy).

Men’s Universal Championship Match

Result: Roadblock defeats Junkyard Dog by submission to defend the Universal Championship!

Women’s Survivor Series

Order of Elimination:

  1. The Baker (submitted to Cai).
  2. Allure (counted out).
  3. Dazzling Moon Daisy (pinned by Alice Wright).
  4. Suzie Machina (submitted to Cai).
  5. Sporty Spice (submitted to Alice Wright).
  6. Alice Wright, Cai, Frozen Queen Elsa (SURVIVORS)

Men’s Tag Team Championship Match

Results: Grim Nights defeat The Pac Attack (Grimm pins Wolfpac) to defend the Tag Team Championship!

Women’s Canadian Championship Match

Result: Baby Ranksta defeats Lady Red by submission to win the Women’s Canadian Championship!

Women’s Universal Championship Match

Result: Madison Windraker defeats Jessica Caine by pinfall to win the Women’s Universal Championship!

Men’s Survivor Series

Order of Elimination:

  1. Wise (counted out)
  2. OwnDog (counted out)
  3. Sephiroht (counted out)
  4. NightHawk (pinned by Xortz the Goblin)
  5. Xortz the Goblin & Grimm (double count-out)
  6. Alpha Reaper & Slam Williams (SURVIVORS)

Women’s SGWF Championship Elimination Match

Order of Elimination:

  1. Alice Wright (submitted to Cai).
  2. Frozen Queen Elsa (submitted to Cai).
  3. Cai (pinned by Baby Ranksta).
  4. Baby Ranksta (WINNER)

Men’s Triple Threat SGWF Championship Match

Result: Hillbilly Jim wins by making Alpha Reaper submit to defend the SGWF Championship!