SGWF Eclipse Match results – Dec.5 2020

Tag Team Match

Result: Sugar ‘n Spice defeat Double Rainbows (Roselet submits to The Baker).

Singles Match

Result: Sephiroht defeats Blood Rage by submission.

Tag Team Championship Match

Result: Grim Nights defeat Rock & Roll Madness (Grimm pins Dennis Extreme).
** title shot cashed in by TheSaltNation.

Tag Team Match

Result: Birds of Prey defeat Empire of Pain (Cai submits to Velvet Dove).

Triple Threat Match

Result: Dr. Bacon wins by pinning Rustic Thor.

Singles Match

Result: Sporty Spice defeats Cacie Edgewood by pinfall.

Tag Team Match

Result: Harvesters of Sorrow defeat The Pac Attack (Wolfpac gets DQ’d).

Singles Match

Result: Cai defeats Mischka by submission.

Men’s Canadian Gauntlet Qualification Elimination Match

Order of Elimination:

  1. The Ghost Knight (pinned by Sinister Cooper)
  2. Vincent Johnson (submitted to Sinister Cooper)
  3. Junkyard Dog (pinned by Sinister Cooper)
  4. Sinister Cooper (WINNER)

Women’s Internet Battle Royal

Order of Elimination:

  1. Lilith Knight (by Alex Samuels)
  2. Molotov Cocktail (by Suzie Machina)
  3. Suzie Machina (by Zynda)
  4. Crazy (by Alex Samuels)
  5. Lew (by Miss Gatorcroc)
  6. Miss Gatorcroc (by Alex Samuels)
  7. Zynda (by Alex Samuels)
  8. Alex Samuels (WINNER)

Boss Match

Result: The Pac Attack defeat Demolition (Eldrin the Butcher pins Smash).

Men’s SGWF Championship Match

Result: Wolfpac defeats Hillbilly Jim by count-out (Hillbilly Jim retains the title)!
** title match cashed in by Wolfpac6991.