SGWF: The Main event II Match results – Jan.1 2021

Men’s SGWF Championship

Result: NapTime defeats DemonRisaca by pinfall to defend the SGWF Championship!

Women’s SGWF Championship

Result: The Baker defeats Frozen Queen Elsa by submission to win the Women’s SGWF Championship!

Women’s Tag Team Championship

Result: The Infiltrators defeat Sin City Vixens (Lady Red pinned Lucy Love) to win the Women’s Tag Team Championship!

Men’s Tag Team Championship

Result: Rock & Roll Madness defeat Grim Nights (Nighthawk is counted out by Dennis Extreme). Grim Nights retain the Tag Team Championship!

Women’s 8-Way Elimination Match

** Special match created by our special guest host Xortz the Goblin!
** Winner takes on the Women’s SGWF Champion
** Participants must be present in the chat.

Order of Elimination:

  1. Sgt. Rivera (submitted to Crazy)
  2. Alice Wright (pinned by Alex Samuels)
  3. Molotov Cocktail (pinned by Roselet)
  4. Crazy (submitted to Alex Samuels)
  5. Alex Samuels (submitted to Allure)
  6. Roselet (pinned by Allure)
  7. Lew (submitted to Allure)
  8. Allure (WINNER)

Women’s SGWF Championship

** Special match created by our special guest host Xortz the Goblin!
Result: The Baker defeats Allure by submission to defend the Women’s SGWF Championship!

Men’s Canadian Championship

Result: Toasty defeated Uncle Ted by pinfall to win the Canadian Championship!
** Title shot cashed in by ToastyPostyCAN.

Men’s SGWF Championship Elimination Chamber Match

** Four title shots cashed in by VooDooUsh.
** One title shot cashed in by Froggeh2.

Order of Elimination:

  1. NapTime (submitted to Hillbilly Jim)
  2. Plex Romero (pinned by Nightmare Blackwell)
  3. Nightmare Blackwell (pinned by Hillbilly Jim)
  4. Hillbilly Jim (pinned by Elbi Froggeh)
  5. DemonRisaca (pinned by Elbi Froggeh)
  6. Elbi Froggeh (WINNER) – New SGWF Champion!

Men’s Universal Championship

Result: Plex Romero defeats Nightmare Blackwell by pinfall to defend the Universal Championship!
** Title shot cashed in by Takuya3d.