Twitch Etiquette

Sometimes people don’t understand. Here’s a reminder of some of the general etiquette rules surrounding twitch; there are also some that I personally prefer you remember but are not required. Here are the official Twitch Terms of Service.

  1. Don’t Be a Dick: We do not tolerate any kind of hate speech. Keep politics, race, religion, sexual orientation or whatever else out of chat as much as possible. Let’s focus on the games. We all love to play games. If you can’t do that, this is not the place for you.
    1. There are going to be disagreements, however, our stream’s chat (or our discord for that matter), is not the place to hash that out.
    2. Don’t be a creep. Don’t solicit information from them, either publicly or in private messages. This is creepy and we WILL ban, block and report you.
  2. Language: Our chat is rate MATURE, however, there can be times when young ones will be listening, so we typically try to keep our AUDIO and VIDEO clean. You are currently allowed to type in messages when subbing and cheering, we ask that you keep that text clean as it is read aloud.
  3. Advertising: Don’t promote yourself, your work, or other streams on the stream unless you get permission to do so from me. It’s rude.
    1. For folks that are consistently in our channel or that I’m in frequent contact with, we have no problem shouting you out. In fact, I want to help ALL OF YOU.
    2. If you’ve shown up after 5 months, we barely talk, and expect a shout-out, I don’t think you understand social contracts very well. It makes me feel like you don’t know me and are just using me for a shout-out.
  4. Lurking: Lurking is 100% okay. I tend to lurk in most streams. If at all possible, we’d appreciate it if you could NOT MUTE the video as Twitch will not count you as a viewer.
    1. Please do not call our lurkers (In general, I do not), as they are probably lurking for a reason.
  5. Asking for a Sub: Please don’t do that. It’s rude. No one should EVER feel like they’re obligated to gift you a sub, even if I ask for it (this will 99% of the time be a joke). People work hard for their money.
  6. Wrestling e-Feds: I guess we need to call this out:
    1. Everyone and their mom (yes, even my mom) runs their own e-Fed, so yes, in general, it’s okay to talk about other e-Feds.
    2. It is okay to talk about other e-Feds in our stream as long as they are friends of ours (see the item about Advertising and the “Social Contract”). If you’re a stranger and you start talking about other e-Feds… you’re probably going to be asked to stop. It’s rude.
    3. When is my wrestler wrestling? This is on the rude side. We have a website and post lots of stuff including a match card, results, and so on. Asking this in chat tells us you may not be invested in our Fed, which feels really bad as we put in a lot of work.
      1. You may genuinely not know… THAT’S OKAY! Just remember there’s a site I’ve created for everyone to use (even you!)
      2. Some folks may not understand the “Social Contract” through no fault of their own. That’s okay. We make exceptions for them.
    4. Lurking is okay and even catching up on your wrestler through VoDs is encouraged, however, if you have to ask if your wrestler is still around, then you may already know the answer. Folks that are in contact with us should have zero worries about this. If you are going to be away, life happens, we get that…. just shoot us a quick message, so we know that you haven’t just disappeared. If we don’t know, our assumption is that you’ve abandoned the wrestler and it could be replaced.