SGWF Galactic Wrestling – Jan.24 2021

SGWF Galactic Wrestling features a mix of wrestlers from the SGWF Titans and SGWF Paragons shows.

Start Time: Sundays at 10:00 AM Eastern.
Match card subject to change.

Scheduled Matches

Singles Match: Zynda v Sporty Spice

Tag Team Match: Empire of Pain v Sweet Sensations

Singles Match: Lew v Ali Morgan

Tag Team Match: Sin City Vixens v Sugar ‘n Spice

Women’s Internet Battle Royal
** Winner takes on Maddie Hunter for the Women’s Internet Championship at the Royal Rumble on Monday, January 25th at 7pm Eastern.

– Alice Wright
– Kaycee Turner
– Maple Marksman
– Dazzling Moon Daisy
– Jessica Caine
– Molotov Cocktail
– Mischka
– Madison Windraker

Singles Match: Velvet Dove v Arianna

Tag Team Match: The Infiltrators v Faces of Fear

Singles Match: Cacie Edgewood v Lita

Women’s Power Rankings Match
** The winner earns 25 power rankings points.

– Frozen Queen Elsa
– Allure
– Lady Red
– Alex Samuels
– Sarah the Necromancer
– Mistress Mjolnir
– Cai
– Miss Gatorcroc

Tag Team Match: The Bad Girls v The Thrillseekers

Singles Match: Candy Mandy v Succubus

Women’s Royal Rumble Qualification Match
** The winner earns a spot in the Royal Rumble on Monday, January 25th at 7pm Eastern.

– Sgt. Rivera
– Roselet
– Adwoa
– Lilith Knight