SGWF Match results (Royal Rumble) – Jan.25 2021

Men’s Internet Championship

Result: Nighthawk defeats Sephiroht by pinfall to defend the Internet Championship!

Men’s Canadian Championship

Result: Hillbilly Jim defeats Uncle Ted by submission to win the Canadian Championship!

Women’s Internet Championship

Result: Maddie Hunter defeats Dazzling Moon Daisy by pinfall to defend the Women’s Internet Championship!

Women’s Tag Team Championship

Result: The Hit Squad defeat The Infiltrators (Madison Windraker pins Molotov Cocktail) to win the Women’s Tag Team Championship!

Women’s Universal Championship

Result: Crazy defeats Alex Samuels by submission to defend the Women’s Universal Championship!

Men’s Tag Team Championship

Result: The Backwoodsmen defeat Grim Nights (Junkyard Dog pins Nighthawk) to win the Tag Team Championship!

Women’s Canadian Championship

Result: Baby Ranksta defeats Frozen Queen Elsa by submission to defend the Women’s Canadian Championship!

Men’s Universal Championship

Result: Plex Romero defeats Slam Williams by submission to defend the Universal Championship!

Women’s Royal Rumble

Order of Entry

  1. Mischka
  2. Candy Mandy
  3. Sarah the Necromancer
  4. Cai
  5. Lita
  6. Maddie Hunter
  7. Alex Samuels
  8. Zynda
  9. Roselet
  10. Kaycee Turner
  11. Miss Gatorcroc
  12. Alice Wright
  13. Baby Ranksta
  14. Cacie Edgewood
  15. Crazy
  16. Sporty Spice
  17. Molotov Cocktail
  18. Maple Marksman
  19. Arianna
  20. Lew
  21. Succubus
  22. Madison Windraker
  23. Frozen Queen Elsa
  24. Mistress Mjolnir
  25. Velvet Dove
  26. Ali Morgan
  27. Allure
  28. Dazzling Moon Daisy
  29. Jessica Caine
  30. Lady Red

Order of Elimination

  1. Mischka (by Candy Mandy)
  2. Sarah the Necromancer (by Maddie Hunter)
  3. Maddie Hunter (by Zynda)
  4. Cai (by Alex Samuels)
  5. Candy Mandy (by Lita)
  6. Zynda (by Kaycee Turner)
  7. Alex Samuels (by Alice Wright)
  8. Roselet (by Miss Gatorcroc)
  9. Alice Wright (by Lita)
  10. Lita (by Miss Gatorcroc)
  11. Miss Gatorcroc (by Crazy)
  12. Baby Ranksta (by Molotov Cocktail)
  13. Kaycee Turner (by Cacie Edgewood)
  14. Molotov Cocktail (by Lew)
  15. Crazy (by Lew)
  16. Sporty Spice (by Succubus)
  17. Arianna (by Maple Marksman)
  18. Maple Marksman (by Succubus)
  19. Madison Windraker (by Succubus)
  20. Lew (by Cacie Edgewood)
  21. Cacie Edgewood (by Frozen Queen Elsa)
  22. Frozen Queen Elsa (by Succubus)
  23. Mistress Mjolnir (by Succubus)
  24. Succubus (by Velvet Dove)
  25. Lady Red (by Velvet Dove)
  26. Ali Morgan (by Allure)
  27. Allure (by Dazzling Moon Daisy)
  28. Dazzling Moon Daisy (by Velvet Dove)
  29. Jessica Caine (by Velvet Dove)
  30. Velvet Dove (WINNER)

Women’s SGWF Championship

Result: The Baker defeats Amber Andrews by pinfall to defend the Women’s SGWF Championship!

Men’s SGWF Championship

Result: Hillbilly Jim defeats Elbi Froggeh by submission to win the SGWF Championship!

Men’s Royal Rumble

Order of Entry

  1. Wise
  2. BatCow
  3. Dennis Extreme
  4. Damien Cruz
  5. Inferno
  6. Wolfpac
  7. Uncle Ted
  8. Ruinstrider
  9. Blood Rage
  10. The Iron Yuppie
  11. The Ghost Knight
  12. Toasty
  13. Vincent Johnson
  14. Eldrin the Butcher
  15. Dr. Bacon
  16. DemonRisaca
  17. WynSum LooSum
  18. Sephiroht
  19. Maxx Strong
  20. Stone
  21. Xortz the Goblin
  22. Nightmare Blackwell
  23. NapTime
  24. Junkyard Dog
  25. Levistus
  26. Sinister Blackwell
  27. Grimm
  28. Plex Romero
  29. Nighthawk
  30. Slam Williams

Order of Elimination

  1. BatCow (by Wise)
  2. Wise (by Wolfpac)
  3. Wolfpac (by Dennis Extreme)
  4. Dennis Extreme (by Inferno)
  5. Damien Cruz (by The Iron Yuppie)
  6. Uncle Ted (by Ruinstrider)
  7. Blood Rage (by Ruinstrider)
  8. The Ghost Knight (by Ruinstrider)
  9. The Iron Yuppie (by Vincent Johnson)
  10. Eldrin the Butcher (by Inferno)
  11. Ruinstrider (by Toasty)
  12. Inferno (by Dr. Bacon)
  13. Dr. Bacon (by Vincent Johnson)
  14. Vincent Johnson (by WynSum LooSum)
  15. Toasty (by DemonRisaca)
  16. Maxx Strong (by DemonRisaca)
  17. Sephiroht (by WynSum LooSum)
  18. DemonRisaca (by Stone)
  19. Stone (by Xortz the Goblin)
  20. Junkyard Dog (by WynSum LooSum)
  21. NapTime (by WymSum LooSum)
  22. Nightmare Blackwell (by Sinister Cooper)
  23. Xortz the Goblin (by Plex Romero)
  24. WynSum LooSum (by Plex Romero)
  25. Levistus (by Nighthawk)
  26. Sinister Cooper (by Nighthawk)
  27. Grimm (by Nighthawk)
  28. Slam Williams (by Nighthawk)
  29. Plex Romero (by Nighthawk)
  30. Nighthawk (WINNER)