March 2021 ALS Canada Charity Fundraiser

Through-out the month of March I will be streaming everyday for at least an hour to raise money for ALS Canada.

Why? I live with a slow-progression variant of ALS. They have helped supply equipment to me (and many others) as well as donated to ALS Research.

Please donate here:

Goal: $3,000 CAD. If we get here, I’ll do the Hot Ones challenge. There are stretch goals where we will add my family members to the Hot Ones challenge (no promises on how far they can go, but I know I will go all the way – or at least die trying).

Donation Incentives (per person)

  • $10: time-out a user in chat (or reverse it)
  • $25: give a small treat to Bob or Lady (if they’re around)
  • $50: mute Stone for 10 minutes (or reverse it)
  • $50: take a shot of booze (max 3 / stream)

Eating w/ Hot Sauce Incentives

$50: Level 1
$250: Level 5
$3,000: Level 10
$69: choose one of Ceraphus’ sauces

Ceraphus’ Sauces

  • Diablo Wing Sauce
  • Hot Spicy Barbecue Sauce
  • Victor’s Taqueria Mexican Style Hot Sauce
  • Dragon’s Breath Green Hot Sauce
  • Louisiana Style Wing Sauce
  • Original BBQ Sauce
  • Hickory Smoked Barbecue Sauce