The Whitby Report – October 3, 2019

Today is Thursday, October 3, 2019. I am your host Stone and this is The Whitby Report.

The Garden Report
It’s cold. Not winter cold, mind you. It’s just cold. Today we hit a HIGH of only 11°C. It was overcast, gloomy, cold. No rain or drizzle, but it was a dreary autumn day. I much prefer the summer. Perhaps we can figure out how to make the seasons stop and just make it nice all year round?

What’s News?
I had several options to choose from today. Either the Whitby murder suspect, the journalist who wants to hear your Whitby stories, or road construction. I opted for road construction because I’m not quite in the mood to look over some dude killing people and holding up a pharmacy, ingesting tons of opioids in the hope of killing himself, who then failed at that bid and is now in jail.

Timber Mill Avenue Closed for Storm Sewer Installation. Great news! This addition should help to manage potential flooding from sudden downpours. Sure we will get a little traffic congestion now but the long-term gain outweighs these small and short inconveniences.