The Whitby Report – October 4, 2019

Today is Friday, October 4, 2019. I am your host Stone and this is The Whitby Report.

The Garden Report
Today we hit a high of 11°C. We’re expecting the weather to turn on Sunday to more seasonal norms (very high teens), however, I’m really concerned about some of the lows. There was a frost advisory for some towns north of us, but nothing for Whitby. As an aside there is something digging around in the garden. It’s just digging in the dirt, but not digging up the plants. The assumption here is a squirrel or a chipmunk trying to hide nuts. I’ve dug around but come up with nothing, so I’m at a loss.

Local News
Whitby School Getting 39 New Child Care Spaces. I’m super happy to hear this. The province has granted $500,000 to St. Theresa Catholic School, near Anderson and Dundas, to get the new spaces. It’s supposed to be enough to build two new rooms. From what I understand you don’t need to be Catholic to access these spaces, so there should be no troubles here. It’s just really good to see more affordable child care spaces made available for working families.