The Whitby Report – October 7, 2019

Today is Monday, October 7th, 2019. I am your host Stone and this is The Whitby Report.

The Garden Report
We discovered two more holes dug into the garden this morning. They’re not very deep, so I’m ruling out moles. I’m starting to lean towards either a raccoon or a skunk. I’ve read they all love eating grubs and worms; my garden certainly has worms, I’ve seen many of them first-hand. I’ve seen a raccoon in our background once at night (Bob lost his mind), so I’m pretty sure the masked bandit is the culprit here.

Not sure how I’m going to deal with this or if I should even bother since we should be harvesting what we can soon. Speaking of harvesting, the radishes should be good to harvest by the end of the week. I’ll pluck out one or two and see what we have and post the results here.

Bat with Rabiation

Local News
Rabid Bat Found in Whitby. This is the third bat that’s been tested positive for rabies in year. It was found around the residences across from 910 Dundas Street West. The health department wants to hear from anyone that’s been exposed to the bat.

This is how Whitby gets Batman. Test results look like rabies. It’s actually rabiation (pun intended). A special new kind of radiation that transmits the animal’s powers to the victim. Perhaps this is the hero we need to comBAT the violent gun crime that’s been edging closer to our precious town.