The Whitby Report – October 11, 2019

Today is Friday, October 11, 2019. I am your host Stone and this is The Whitby Report.

The Garden Report
Today we pulled out a few of the radishes and found that only one had started to develop but it was a skinny little thing. We replanted it and we’re going to leave the rest of the crop for another week. Of all the crops I was hopeful for, the radishes don’t seem to be living up to my expectations. Tomorrow is the harvest moon, so we’re getting into colder and colder weather.

On the bright side, I did learn a bit from building the garden. I’ll put those to use in the spring for sure.

Local News
So, I rarely do this. There is no really important Whitby-specific news. There was an article focusing on the recently released local candidates debate, however, the aimed at solely climate change. So while I’d like to post it and talk about it, meh. We already talked about that yesterday.

To all my fellow Canadians, I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving this Monday. Enjoy the day with friends and family.

To all my fellow Americans, enjoy Columbus Day (it is a statutory holiday, right?) and I hope you all enjoy the day with your friends and family.