SGWF Eclipse – May.22 2021

SGWF Eclipse

SGWF Eclipse features a mix of wrestlers from the SGWF Titans and SGWF Paragons shows.

Start Time: Saturday at 10:00 AM Eastern.
Match card subject to change.

Scheduled Matches

Debut Match: Melissa Ewing v April O’Neil

Tag Team Match: The Cult v The Backwoodsmen

Men’s Universal Semi-Final Match B: Plex Romero v Toasty

Poutine Qualification Match: Sinister Cooper v Redwolf v Wise v OwnDog

Tag Team Match: Birds of Prey v Sin City Vixens

Singles Match: Last Red v Sarah the Necromancer

Triple Threat Match: Candy Mandy v The Baker v Mistress Mjolnir

King of the Ring Quarter-Final Match D: Slam Williams v Plex Romero

Women’s Universal Semi-Final Match B: Cai v Succubus

Internet Battle Royal:
** winner gets a title shot for the Internet Championship!
– NapTime
– DemonRisaca
– Elbi Froggeh
– Maxx Strong
– The Mechanic
– Dr. Bacon
– Wolfpac
– Sephiroht

Boss Battle – Chat Room Giveaway: Boss and Challenger selected by someone from the Chat Room!