SGWF Eclipse Match results – May.22 2021

Debut Match: Melissa Ewing defeats April O’Neil by pinfall.

Tag Team Match: The Backwoodsmen defeat The Cult (Inferno submits to Frozen Queen Elsa).

Men’s Universal #1 Contender Semi-Final Match B: Plex Romero defeats Toasty by submission.

Men’s Poutine Belt Qualification Match
Order of Elimination:
1. Wise (pinned by Sinister Cooper).
2. Redwolf (submitted to OwnDog).
3. OwnDog (pinned by Sinister Cooper).
WINNER: Sinister Cooper

Tag Team Match: Sin City Vixens defeat Birds of Prey (Valentina Diaz pins Velvet Dove).

Singles Match: Lady Red defeats Sarah the Necromancer by count-out.

Triple Threat Match: Mistress Mjolnir wins by pinning The Baker.

King of the Ring Quarter-Final Match D: Slam Williams defeats Plex Romero by pinfall.

Women’s Universal #1 Contender Quarter-Final Match B: Cai defeats Succubus by pinfall.

Men’s Internet Battle Royal
Order of Elimination:
1. DemonRisaca (by Maxx Strong)
2. NapTime (by Elbi Froggeh)
3. The Mechanic (by Wolfpac)
4. Sephiroht (by Maxx Strong)
5. Dr. Bacon (by Wolfpac)
6. Elbi Froggeh (by Maxx Strong)
7. Maxx Strong (by Wolfpac)
WINNER: Wolfpac

Boss Match (Chat Giveaway): Maxx Strong defeats Batman by pinfall.
** match selected by TheGR81_1999.

Triple Threat SGWF Championship Match: Blood Rage wins by pinning Stone to win the SGWF Championship!
** title match cashed in by Stonegrasp x2.