SGWF Galactic Wrestling Match results – May.23 2021

Debut Match: Danny Valentine defeats Zoidberg by pinfall.

Tag Team Match: The Corporation defeat Soul Eaters (Plex Romero pins Sephiroht).

Singles Match: Vincent Johnson defeats Junkyard Dog by pinfall.

Tag Team Match: Blue Thunder defeat Queen Anne’s Revenge (Mischka pins The Flying Dutch Woman).

King of the Ring Quarter-Final Match B: SerGerrick defeats One Eye Willie by count-out.

Men’s Hello Kitty Championship: Hillbilly Jim defeats Marshall Magnum by pinfall to defend the Hello Kitty Championship!
** title shot cash in by TruVillainManny.

Tag Team Match: Steel Horse defeat The Night Life (Chains Johnson pins Ruinstrider).

Singles Match: Amber Andrews defeats Sgt. Rivera by pinfall.

Singles Match: Inferno defeats WynSum LooSum by pinfall.

Women’s Poutine Qualification Match
Order of Elimination:
1. Molotov Cocktail (pinned by The Flying Dutch Woman)
2. The Flying Dutch Woman (pinned by Beverly Dynamite)
3. Velvet Dove (pinned by Beverly Dynamite)
WINNER: Beverly Dynamite

Singles Match: The Sarge defeats Alpha Reaper by pinfall.

Singles Match (Lurk Reward): Marshall Magnum defeats Toasty by pinfall.

Women’s Internet Battle Royal
Order of Elimination:
1. Lita (by Maple Marksman)
2. Maple Marsman (by Alice Wright)
3. Lilith Knight (by Melissa Ewing)
4. Maddie Hunter (by Allure)
5. Alice Wright (by Melissa Ewing)
6. Allure (by Alex Samuels)
7. Melissa Ewing (by Alex Samuels)
Winner: Alex Samuels

Boss Match (Chat Giveaway): Venom defeats Wolfpac by pinfall.
** giveaway won by Wolfpac6991.