SGWF Galactic Wrestling Match results – May.30 2021

Debut Match: Hawk defeats Ned Flanders by count-out.

Singles Match: The Mechanic defeats Wolfpac by pinfall.

Tag Team Match: Dance Revolution defeat Sin City Vixens (Roselet pins Lucy Love).

Women’s Poutine Qualification Match
Order of Elimination:
1. Kaycee Turner (pinned by Lita)
2. Zynda (pinned by Lita)
3. Lita (pinned by The Teacher)
WINNER: The Teacher

Singles Match: Magnus the Viking King defeats Wise by submission.

Singles Match: Stone defeats Maxx Strong by pinfall.

Singles Match: NapTime defeats Danny Valentine by pinfall.

Boss Match (Lurk Reward): Toasty defeats Dr. Doom by pinfall.

Singles Match: Allure defeats Beverly Dynamite by submission.

Queen of the Ring Quarter-Final Match B: Alex Samuels defeats Cai by submission.

Women’s Internet Battle Royal
Order of Elimination:
1. Lorhana (by Quinn)
2. Amber Andrews (by Mistress Mjolnir)
3. Ali Morgan (by Lady Red)
4. Lady Red (by Succubus)
5. Mistress Mjolnir (by Olive Oyl)
6. Succubus (by Olive Oyl)
7. Quinn (by Olive Oyl)
Winner: Olive Oyl

Boss Match (Chat Giveaway): Wonder Woman defeats Melissa Ewing by pinfall.
** giveaway won by DazulRGB.