SGWF Paragons Match results – Jun.1 2021

Singles Match: Crazy defeats Maple Marksman by submission.

Triple Threat Tag Team Elimination Match
Order of Elimination:
1. Mistress Mjolnir (pinned by Ali Morgan).
2. Ali Morgan (submitted to The Baker).
3. The Flying Dutch Woman (pinned by Maddie Hunter). — Queen Anne’s Revenge eliminated.
4. Mischka (pinned by The Baker). — Blue Thunder eliminated.
WINNERS: Sugar ‘n Spice

Women’s Poutine Belt Match: The Teacher defeats Jessica Caine by pinfall to win the Women’s Poutine Belt.

Queen of the Ring Quarter-Final Match A: Molotov Cocktail defeats Amber Andrews by pinfall.

Universal #1 Contender Final Match: Cai defeats Roselet by submission.

Queen of the Ring Quarter-Final Match D: Frozen Queen Elsa defeats Jessica Caine by pinfall.

Singles Match: Alice Wright defeats Sarah the Necromancer

Women’s Internet Championship: Lew defeats Olive Oyl by submission to defend the Women’s Internet Championship!

Singles Match (Lurk Reward): Chains Johnson defeats Cowboy Curt Cunningham by pinfall.

Rivalry Series Match #2 (Best 2 of 3 Falls): The Teacher defeats Furious Frankie 2 – 1.
1. The Teacher pins Furious Frankie.
2. Furious Frankie pins The Teacher.
3. The Teacher pins Furious Frankie.

Tag Team #1 Contender Match: Birds of Prey defeat Empire of Pain (Allure submits to Velvet Dove).

Women’s SGWF #1 Contender Elimination Match:
Order of Elimination:
1. Alex Samuels (pinned by Lilith Knight).
2. Molotov Cocktail (pinned by Lilith Knight).
3. Jessica Caine (pinned by Lilith Knight).
4. Candy Mandy (pinned by Lilith Knight).
5. Lilith Knight (pinned by Frozen Queen Elsa).
WINNER: Frozen Queen Elsa