SGWF Eclipse Match results – Jun.5 2021

Debut Match: Alexia Nguyen defeats April O’Neil by count-out.

Singles Match: Ricardo Fernando defeats Magnus the Viking King by pinfall.

Tag Team Match: Empire of Pain defeat Faces of Fear (Crazy submits to Allure).

Singles Match: Sgt. Rivera defeats Melissa Ewing by pinfall.

Tag Team Match: The Soul Eaters defeat Hidden Girth (Blood Rage pins Vincent Johnson).

Singles Match: Sarah the Necromancer defeats Lita by pinfall.

Tag Team Match: The Night Life defeat The Pac Attack (Eldrin the Butcher submits to The Swinger).

Triple Threat Match: Elbi Froggeh wins by pinning Hawk.

Boss Match (Lurker Reward): Succubus defeats She-Hulk by submission.

Tag Team Match: Sin City Vixens defeat Queen Anne’s Revenge (Lucy Love pins Ali Morgan).

Men’s Internet Battle Royal
Order of Elimination:
1. Wise (by One Eye Willie)
2. Hawk (by Redwolf)
3. One Eye Willie (by The Mechanic)
4. Redwolf (by The Blackhole Bandit)
5. The Mechanic (by The Blackhole Bandit)
6. Alpha Reaper (by Ruinstrider)
7. Ruinstrider (by The Blackhole Bandit)
WINNER: The Blackhole Bandit

Women’s Internet Battle Royal
Order of Elimination:
1. Lorhana (by Maple Marksman)
2. Lady Red (by Alice Wright)
3. Mischka (by Succubus)
4. Alexia Nguyen (by Beverly Dynamite)
5. Beverly Dynamite (by Maple Marksman)
6. Alice Wright (by Maple Marksman)
7. Maple Marksman (by Succubus)
WINNER: Succubus