SGWF Eclipse – Jun.12 2021

SGWF Eclipse

SGWF Eclipse features a mix of wrestlers from the SGWF Titans and SGWF Paragons shows.

Start Time: Saturday at 10:00 AM Eastern.
Match card subject to change.

Scheduled Matches

Debut Match: Calypso v April O’Neil

Tag Team Match: The Infiltrators v Faces of Fear

Triple Threat Match: The Baker v Amber Andrews v Roselet

Tag Team Match: Steel Horse v The Corporation

Triple Threat Match: Alexia Nguyen v Maple Marksman v Alice Wright

Singles Match: Redwolf v Eldrin the Butcher

Tag Team Match: Empire of Pain v Sin City Vixens

Poutine Qualification Match: Elbi Froggeh v Sephiroht v Nightmare Blackwell v Ricardo Fernando

Singles Match: The Flying Dutch Woman v Frozen Queen Elsa

Men’s Internet Battle Royal:
– Cowboy Curt Cunningham
– NapTime
– Magnus the Viking King
– OwnDog
– The Swinger
– Vincent Johnson
– Marshall Magnum
– Inferno

Boss Match (Chat Giveaway): Boss and competitor are selected via Chat room giveaway.