SGWF Eclipse Match results – Jun.12 2021

Debut Match: Calypso defeats April O’Neil by submission.

Tag Team Match: Faces of Fear defeat The Infiltrators (Lady Red submits to Crazy).

Triple Threat Match: Roselet wins by pinning Amber Andrews.

Tag Team Match: The Corporation defeat Steel Horse (Chains Johnson submits to Plex Romero).

Triple Threat Match: Alexia Nguyen wins by pinning Alice Wright.

Singles Match: Eldrin the Butcher defeats Redwolf by pinfall.

Tag Team Match: Empire of Pain defeat Sin City Vixens (Lucy Love submits to Cai).

Poutine Qualification Match
Order of Elimination:
1. Sephiroht (pinned by Nightmare Blackwell)
2. Ricardo Fernando (pinned by Elbi Froggeh)
3. Nightmare Blackwell (pinned by Elbi Froggeh)
WINNER: Elbi Froggeh

Singles Match: Frozen Queen Elsa defeats The Flying Dutch Woman by pinfall.

Men’s Internet Battle Royal
Order of Elimination:
1. Marshall Magnum (by OwnDog)
2. The Swinger (by Vincent Johnson)
3. Inferno (by OwnDog)
4. OwnDog (by Vincent Johnson)
5. Vincent Johnson (by Magnus the Viking King)
6. NapTime (by Cowboy Curt Cunningham)
7. Magnus the Viking King (by Cowboy Curt Cunningham)
WINNER: Cowboy Curt Cunningham

Boss Match (Chat Giveaway): Hillbilly Jim defeats Cowboy Curt Cunningham by pinfall.
** match selected by TheDantemoon.

Tag Team Championship Match: Udderly Unstoppable defeat Steel Horse (Cowboy Curt Cunningham pins Chains Johnson) to win the Tag Team Championship!
** title shot cashed in by TheDantemoon.