SGWF Galactic Wrestling – Jun.13 2021

SGWF Galactic Wrestling features a mix of wrestlers from the SGWF Titans and SGWF Paragons shows.

Start Time: Sundays at 10:00 AM Eastern.
Match card subject to change.

Scheduled Matches

Tag Team Match: Birds of Prey v Queen Anne’s Revenge

Singles Match: BatCow v Hawk

Triple Threat Match: Mischka v Melissa Ewing v Crazy

Tag Team Match: Acrotchalypse Now v The Night Life

Singles Match: The Mechanic v Blood Rage

Triple Threat Tornado Tag Match: Poutine Pounders v Hidden Girth v Those Guys

Poutine Qualification Match: Sgt. Rivera v Sarah the Necromancer v Allure v Alex Samuels

Triple Threat Match: Chains Johnson v Tuxedo Mask v The Blackhole Bandit

Women’s Internet Battle Royal
– Calypso
– Zynda
– Kaycee Turner
– Madison Windraker
– Candy Mandy
– Mistress Mjolnir
– Lilith Knight
– Maddie Hunter

Boss Match (Chat Room Giveaway): Challenger selected by the Chat Room.