Queen of the Ring 2020

This “tournament” was really only 2 rounds consisting of a 4-way elimination Qualification match and an 8-way elimination Final. The winner was also awarded the Canadian Championship.

Qualifier 1: Lew (Winner), Alex Samuels, Wonder Woman, Nia Jax
Qualifier 2: Maddie Hunter (Winner), Sarah the Necromancer, Madison Windraker, Psylocke
Qualifier 3: Charlotte Flair (Winner), Allure, Velvet Dove, Space Unicorn
Qualifier 4: The Baroness (Winner), Dazzling Moon Daisy, Tia Suzuki, Adwoa
Qualifier 5: Jessica Caine (Winner), Asuka, Capt. Marvel, Amber Andrews
Qualifier 6: Lita (Winner), Candy Mandy, Sylvanas, Baby Ranksta
Qualifier 7: JR (Winner), Lilith Knight, Zynda, The Baker
Qualifier 8: Roselet (Winner), Lady Red, She-Hulk, Alice Wright

FINAL: Roselet (Winner), Lita, The Baroness, Charlotte Flair, Maddie Hunter, Jessica Caine, Lew, JR