WWF Old School Scandal!

Sources close to WWF Old School officials have reported that a number of WWF Superstars were suspended today for egregious federation by-law violations. WWF Old School would not comment on the nature of these violations other than to confirm several WWF Superstars had been suspended and new competitors had been signed.

The following WWF Superstars have been suspended indefinitely: Triple H, Kurt Angle, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Batista, and The Rock. As a result of these suspensions, WWF Old School has announced some match and division changes:

WWF Old School officials also announced the signing of these competitors to singles competition: Bob Backlund, Corporal Kirchner, Diesel, Doink the Clown, Papa Shango, the Repo Man, Shawn Michaels (although he will also continue to compete for The Rockers), and Tatanka.