SGWF Wrestlemania 4

Friday, December 22, 2023 @ 7pm Eastern:
** card subject to change.

Wrestlemania 4

4-Year Anniversary show!

We opted to moved our Wrestlemania 4 show from March all the way to December so it would coincide with the anniversary of our very first SGWF stream. Please join us for a special night of laughs, marbles, wrestling, and even more laughs!

We are planning on starting at 7pm Eastern at and will go for as long as it takes… this happens only once a year!

Show Itinerary

  • MARBLES: Gotta start the show off with some Marbles. Top 8 finishers will choose who will be in the Men’s #1C Tournament. Winner takes on the SGWF Champion later in the show!
  • Men’s SGWF #1C Tournament: Why wait? Let’s get right into it! We’ll hold the 8-man tournament right away!
  • Marbles again? Of course! The world needs more marbles! This time we’ll have the Top 9 finishers select challengers for the next matches.
  • Women’s 5-Way Canadian Championship Ladder Match: Can Violet Raven defend her newly won Canadian Championship against four others in a Ladder Match?
  • Men’s Tag Team Championship: This is a Best 2 of 3 Falls with Falls Counting Anywhere! The Think Tank are ready for the challenge!
  • Women’s Hardcore Hello Kitty Championship: Large Marge is certainly worthy of the title. She’ll have to defend the title against 4 other challengers in this Elimination Match using Extreme Rules with Falls Counting Anywhere!
  • Men’s SGWF Championship: Remember the winner of that #1 Contender Tournament? They’ll take on the Men’s SGWF Champion Col. Andres Rivera.
  • Back to Marbles! Yep. Round 3 of Marbles. This time we’re back to taking the Top 8. They’ll choose who will be in the Women’s SGWF #1C Tournament next!
  • Women’s SGWF #1C Tournament: Hey, we did one for the men, so now it’s time for the better half our roster to get their own #1C Tournament!
  • What Marbles Again?? YES! We said there’d be Marbles and we are going to deliver! Again, we’re taking the Top 9 finishers to determine who will be in the next championship matches.
  • Men’s 5-Way Canadian Championship Ladder Match: Same as the ladies. This time for the men. Jackson Payne puts his title on the line for his first title defense!
  • Women’s Tag Team Championship: Dance Revolution will put those tag titles on the line to extend their championship reign!
  • Men’s Hardcore Hello Kitty Championship: A whole mess of 5 men battling it out. Diamond Dave Tolos, love him or hate him, has a vice-like grip on the title and is not letting go. He’s as tough as nails… diamond-laced nails!
  • Women’s SGWF Championship: Everyone was shocked when Jackie Dylan won the title at Season’s Beatings. Now she puts the belt on the line against the winner of the Women’s #1C Tournament.
  • Letter Zed Match: This is our Main Event. Is it pronounced zed or zee? The series is tied at 1 each. The letter Zed is currently tops. Can Elbi Froggeh pull out some tricks and bring it back for Team Zee?
  • Marbles again? Yes… Why not? Let’s end off the night with some more Marbles!!!