I’m a dude that enjoys so many different things and stuffs:

Comics: Spider-Man, Secret Wars (THE ORIGINAL ONES), Avengers, Alpha Flight, Venom, Iron Man, and many, many, many more.

Dungeons & Dragons: I grew up with this stuff as a kid and then adulting happened. We’ve gotten back into the swing of things over the last two years and I’m really enjoying the whole 5e revamp.

Physics & Space: I was *this* close to pursuing my dream of becoming an astrophysicist. For now, I try to keep up with news about space, physics research, exo-planets, and stellar properties. Now you know why the background of this site is the remnants of supernova 1987a.

TV / Movies: Star Trek, Survivor, Farscape, The Fifth Element, The Sopranos, Seinfeld, and many more

Video Games: World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Diablo 3, The Sims (any of them), Star Control 2, Master of Orion 2, Civilization (any), Sim City (any)

I also love simulators or writing simulation scripts (see my HockeySim project as an example).

I also love the chaos of true randomization (see my randomization scripts for D&D and Warcraft).


I have a stutter. Sometimes it’s barely noticeable, other times I can’t even say my own name. It’s brutal. Despite this limitation, or rather in spite of it, I really enjoy podcasting and having my voice heard. Lord help us all if I had no stutter! Here are a few podcasts that you can find me on a regular basis (or even semi-regular basis or even as the occasional guest).

Adventures in Azeroth: I co-host this World of Warcraft podcast on a monthly basis with my partner-in-crime Leeta. Site: AdventuresInAzeroth.com.

The Sundering: I’ve been fortunate to have been invited to this show as a guest a number of times. It is most certainly Not-Safe-For-Work-or-Kids, but we have a grand ol’ time. I’ve usually been drinking when I appear here, so you should get the general idea that things get raucous. Site: TheSundering.net.

WoW Challenges Podcast: This World of Warcraft podcast was my brain-child. I was lucky to have had such a wonderful co-host as Leeta. While I’m no longer on the show (see below), this podcast and the community are very important to me. Site: WoWChallenges.com. My final episode as a co-host had me choked up for sure.

WoW Challenges

I’m also the guy that was behind the WoW Challenges site. I stepped up to the plate when the community’s website went MIA and augmented the Ironman challenge to track many different variations, including Teams!

In June 2019, I made my final farewell (Letter & podcast), I was more than thrilled to be allowed to return as a third “Elder” to continue to help WoW Challenges where I could. Why I was able to return? You can read about it in This Post.

Contact Me

Need to reach me privately? Okie dokie. Here are the best methods:

Email: Stone@stonegrasp.com
Twitter: Twitter.com/Stonegrasp
Discord: Stone#3621.

Alternatively, you can also DM me through these but a fair warning to all of you: I don’t really check Twitch DMs and for BNet, you’ll need to message me somewhere else first before trying to add me as a friend.

Battle.Net: Stone#1646 (don’t friend me unless I know you. Just shoot me a message before-hand and we should be all good).
Twitch: Twitch.tv/Stonegrasp