SGWF Shows

Currently the SGWF features two major shows: SGWF Paragons and SGWF Titans. Talent is split between these two shows by gender lines: Paragons feature all of our women wrestlers while Titans features our men wrestlers. Due to the extraordinary number of talent, we’ve re-added SGWF Galactic Wrestling to feature both men and women (actually it’s done to keep show times from running too long).

Once every 4-5 weeks, we will have a major event where all titles must be defended. These will typically fall on Monday nights at 7pm Eastern (taking the place of SGWF Titans). During those weeks there will likely not be any shows on Sunday or Tuesday.

SGWF Galactic Wrestling
SUNDAY at 7pm Eastern on
Features both men and women wrestling talent.

SGWF Titans

SGWF Titans
MONDAY at 7pm Eastern on
Features our men wrestlers.

SGWF Paragons

SGWF Paragons
TUESDAY at 7pm Eastern on
Features our women wrestlers.