SGWF Rivalries – Titans

SGWF Titans

The intensity between our SGWF Legends can certainly skyrocket dramatically fast. Since around August 2020, we began making our rivalries a “Best-of” series. Here are the Rivalries and the results since our Rivalry “Revamp”.

Participation in any kind of Rivalry match will grant the wrestler (or team) an extra 1 point for power rankings.

Rivalry Summaries

  1. Power & Glory vs The Grinders (best of 3): Aug-23 2020 to Sep-6 2020. The Grinders win 2 – 1.
  2. Rustic Thor vs DemonRisaca (best of 7): Sep-14 2020 to ??


1. Power & Glory v The Grinders (best of 3)

No stipulations. The Grinders defeat Power & Glory 2 – 1.

  • Aug-23 2020: Regular Match: The Grinders defeat Power & Glory (Roadblock submits to Vincent Johnson).
  • Aug-30 2020: Regular Match: Power & Glory defeat The Grinders (Vincent Johnson submits to Slam Williams).
  • Sep-6 2020: Falls Count Anywhere Match: The Grinders defeat Power & Glory (Slam Williams submits to Levistus).

2. Rustic Thor v DemonRisaca (best of 7)

Winner keeps their hair, otherwise, head gets shaved for a month!

  • Sep-14 2020: Regular Match: Rustic Thor defeats DemonRisaca by pinfall.
  • Sep-21 2020: Regular Match: DemonRisaca defeats Rustic Thor by pinfall.