Podcast Guest Appearances

I’ve had my hand in podcasting for four years. Over the course of those years, I’ve been privileged and honoured to have been invited on as a guest to many different and awesome shows.

I’m using this list more as an assistive device since my memory is just absolute garbage. If you’re interested in listening to some of these, hop on in! Shows are listed in alphabetical order, or you can use this handy category listing.

Azeroth Coast to Coast

Episode 62: WoW Challenges with Stone

Azeroth Round Table

Episode 169: Pranking Azeroth (feat. Stone)!

Behind the Avatar

Episode 92: Stone from WoW Challenges

BlizzCon Countdown

Episode 47 – direct download.

The Blue Recluse

Episode 51: WoWChallenges.com
Episode 102: Heroes Never Die
Episode 153: The Hattrick

The Converted

Episode 66: Mr. WoW Challenges himself, Stone!

Countdown to Classic

Episode 59: WoW Iron Man Challenges


Episode 424: We Don’t Need Another Hero!

Darkmoon Herald

Episode 170: Stylish Iron Stones – Download Episode

Does the Heart Good

September 13, 2016: Do the Noodle

General Chat

July 12, 2018: Challenges with Stonegrasp


Episode 204: Stone Unleashed
Legendary Spotlight: Stone Talks Ironman (youtube)

Realm Maintenance

Episode 202: Challengers Accepted

The Starting Zone

Episode 216: Pirates Day with Bloodsail Stone!

The Sundering

I’ve been lucky to be asked to guest multiple times. So many times, I’ve added a page dedicated to all the times I’ve been on the podcast.

World of Podcasts presented by Con Before the Storm

2017 Panel #6: World of Warcraft
2018: Pod Before the Con – World of Warcraft

WoW Challenges Podcast

Episode 180: Celebrating 4 Years!
Episode 187: Giving You My Bacon Bits
Episode 191: You Had Me at Deadridge
Episode 196: Rogueslayer Reigns Supreme, Again!
Episode 200: 200 to Infinity
Episode 202: Be Patient or Die (Guest Hosting)