SGWF Rules

Written below are our formal rules for the SWGF. While we will adhere to these rules as best we can, there will certainly be circumstances that are not covered by these rules. Stone has the final say in all matters. Additionally, these rules are subject to change.

Roster Rules

  1. Joining the Roster: Getting a wrestler on our roster can be done in various ways:
    1. Chat Participation: If you are consistently in our chat room or in frequent contact with either Stone or Carrie, we will ask you if you’d like a wrestler.
    2. Pebbles: You can save up 50,000 pebbles in lieu of a Tier 1 sub; we understand folks may have financial things to deal with, so this is the next best option. Following, hanging out in chat, and participating in our stream games will accrue you pebbles.
    3. Twitch Sub: Subs can get a wrestler based on the tier they sub at: Tier 1 may get 1 wrestler, Tier 2 can get 2 wrestlers, and Tier 3 can get 3 wrestlers.
      1. Tier 2/3: While being at Tier 2 or 3 can get you extra wrestlers, please understand that you will need to **MAINTAIN** that tier sub to keep them. We need to be careful about CAW Slot management (as we only have 100 slots), so if you need to go from Tier 3 (and get those 3 wrestlers) to Tier 1 (or even no sub), we will remove the most recent 2 POWs that you created (or we can keep whichever one you want us to keep of the 3).
      2. Getting a gifted Twitch Sub by a generous viewer or winning one from our Lurker Rewards is applicable here. A Tier 1/2/3 gifted sub will allow you to join the roster with one wrestler.
  2. Staying on the Roster: We generally check activity for the period from one FPV to another (for example Royal Rumble to Elimination Chamber). We will check each of the following steps, in order, to determine if you are eligible to keep your wrestler(s) on our roster.
    1. Watch-Time: We understand that you have a life beyond our wrestling fed; you’re probably not going to be able to attend every single show. That is **NOT A PROBLEM**. Unless you have told us that you will be away, we will require you to have a minimum of 100 Minutes of watch-time for any given period. We stream quite often, which generally results in about 25 streams per period. This means you would need to pop in for about 5-10 minutes per stream or just hang for 1 stream a month (which is typically 180 minutes). Easy peasy.
    2. Are You Subbed? If you can’t make it for the 100 Minutes, we then look at whether you have a Tier 1 sub or not. If you are not, we move on to the next check.
    3. Have You Told Us? If you think you’re going to be away because **REASONS**, no problem. Life happens and we all need to adjust. We will make the exception, keep your wrestler active, and check back with you next time. You do **NOT** need to tell us specifically what is going on, I value your privacy. Basically just shoot us a quick message and let us know you’ll be away for a month or so.
    4. How Long Have You Been Gone? If you’ve been gone for a couple months, even if you’ve told us, we may need to remove your wrestler from the Active Roster to make room for folks that are showing up in chat. If you are able to return at a later date and want your wrestler back in, no problem. Just shoot us a quick message and let us know what is going on.
      1. If you have been gone for a long period of time and you are subbed, it is possible that your wrestler could still be removed. We will reach out to you and ask you what your situation is and try to accommodate you as best we can.
    5. Breaking Our Chat Rules: Breaking our chat rules (or just causing drama in general) will get your wrestlers removed from the roster. This is a game where the **AI** controls your wrestler, you do not. The AI is not perfect and generally matches are a crap-shoot. No one likes losing, we understand this, however, consider that being a gracious loser (and winner) will help you deal with your POW’s loss.
    6. Discord Membership: We strongly encourage folks to be a member of our discord so that we can contact you easily for matters regarding your wrestler. Not being a member, or leaving the discord, will indicate to us that you do not intend to remain in the federation and have abandoned your wrestler. You will be able to re-join at a later date.
  3. Creating a wrestler is subject to Stone’s availability.
    1. If you can create your wrestler in WWE2k19 (PC version), please do so.
    2. If you do not have WWE 2k19 (PC version), we will arrange a time to create the wrestler together, or you can go ahead and check out the Create-a-Wrestler rules and send me your list of wrestler details.
    3. Stone has final approval of all wrestlers. Any POWs created to be super wrestlers (folks, we already give you max attributes), will either be modified or rejected from play.

Wrestler Rules

  1. POWs (Player-Owned Wrestlers) will have an overall rating of 100.
  2. POW weight maximums are 400 lbs (men) and 200 lbs (women).
  3. POW height maximums are 6-ft-8 (men) and 6-ft-2 (women).
  4. Jobbers will always have a low rating (currently this is 47). These are kept low for POW debut matches.
  5. Bosses will always have a rating of 100 and will always have the higher weight for their gender: Men at 500 lbs and Women 275 lbs. These are kept high for POW boss matches.
  6. All Abilities should be taken at Level 3.
  7. Everyone is allowed one free change to a wrestler, however, after that, changes will cost 10,000 pebbles per wrestler.

Power Rankings (SGWF Championships)

TLDR: We calculate points on a rolling 30-day period. Our custom-built database and scripts take care of it for us.

Match Winners: Winners of all matches will receive 5 points unless otherwise stipulated.

  • Championship: Winning a championship belt earns your wrestler extra points. Defending the title does not award any extra points.
    • SGWF & Tag Team Titles: +5 points
    • Canadian & Universal Titles: +3 points
    • Internet Title: +2 points
    • Hello Kitty Title: +2 points
  • Non-Title: If you are NOT a champion, but you defeat a champion in a non-title HEAD-to-HEAD match, your wrestler receives extra points as if they actually won the title.
  • Boss Bonus: Defeating a boss will earn your wrestler an extra 1 point.

Match Losers: Losing a match will award a wrestler 1 point (exception is below).
Elimination Matches: Being eliminated later in the match will reward an extra point depending on the number of participants in the match. This applies to Battle Royals but NOT Royal Rumbles unless explicitly stated.

  • 4-Person & 5-Person: Coming in 2nd will earn the wrestler an extra 1 point.
  • 6-Person & 7-Person: Coming in 2nd or 3rd will earn the wrestler an extra 1 point.
  • 8-Person: Coming in 2nd, 3rd, or 4th will earn the wrestler an extra 1 point.

Draws: Matches ending in a draw will see both wrestlers or teams earning 2.5 points.

Rivalry Matches: Win, lose, or draw, each participant in a rivalry match will be granted an extra 1 point.

Rivalry SERIES: Winning a Rivalry Series will award the winner 10 points.

Match Assignments

Typically matches are assigned on a random basis unless there is a specific story-line, rivalry series or contender match that needs resolving. In most cases, all POWs will appear on each show every week, however, for PPVs, there are chances there may not be room for all POWs as they may not be in contention for a championship.

The rules outline below are based on no active “GM for a Month” and represents how Stone handles match assignments, #1 contender qualifications, etc.

GM for a Month: When someone cashes in the “GM for a Month” reward, match assignments are subject to that GM’s method of match creation. Stone will ensure that each wrestler has their 1 match per week and that Title Shots are assigned fairly. Qualification for Championship matches may differ depending on the GM.

Cashed-In Title Shots

A viewer with enough pebbles or chips may cash them in for a title shot. The following rules must be kept in mind:

  1. Each cash-in is for a single challenger (or team in the case of the Tag Team Championships). Extra cash-ins are required to make the title shot a triple threat, 4-way, etc.
  2. You may select any active challenger from the appropriate roster (Titans for men, Paragons for women), with the exception of Bosses. Ned Flanders and Marge are allowed for selection as they are severely underpowered.
  3. You may select the match type: cage match, elimination chamber (provided there are sufficient challengers), best 2 of 3 falls, submission match, etc. Please speak with Stone if you are uncertain about which match types there are available.
  4. You may select the date of which the match will happen, however, Cash-In Title Shot matches for the same title can never happen on the same night.
    1. These should not be confused with MITB cash-ins and The Main Event draws as those are two different items.
    2. If there is currently a Cashed-In Title Shot on a given night, you may use your cash-in to change it to a triple threat, etc as long as the match isn’t already set in the game.
    3. Once a title match is set in the game, it’s set and there is no going back. Typically we set our matches in the game the night before, however, there can be some variance to this. The earlier you let us know the better.
  5. In cases of dispute, Stone will have the final say. Soorey.

Boss Matches: The Boss(es) and Challenger(s) will be selected by the chat room once per week except on PPV weeks. Defeating the Boss(es) will typically reward the Challenger(s) a guaranteed spot in the #1 Contender’s Match for the SGWF Championship, however, the reward can change depending on the circumstances surrounding the PPV event or technical limitations.

Rivalry Series Matches: The winner of the lurk reward “Select the Next Rivalry Series” will set the first match between the two rivals. Thereafter, the loser of the match will select the match type for the next match in the series. A match type can only be selected once in a series.

Championship Matches: Every title must be defended at least once in a given PPV Event CYCLE (the time from one PPV event to the next; typically 4 – 5 weeks). The title will be defended against whoever is deemed the #1 Contender(s) as per that particular Title’s #1 Contender Determination Rules. Title defenses due to Purchased Title Shots or The Main Event selection do count towards the Once-per-PPV defense rule.

Purchasing Title Matches: Anyone in the chat room may purchase a title shot for 50,000 pebbles (use the command !titleshot in the chat). The user may select any wrestler on the roster to award the title shot to; this could even be a wrestler not owned by the user and it also does not need to be a POW.

A purchased title match does NOT guarantee a one on one shot against the champion. In fact, if there is a scheduled match already in the works, the match will be updated to include the new wrestler. So if there was already a triple threat for the championship it would be updated to become a fatal four-way. In some scenarios the title shot may be awarded immediately or may need to be deferred to the next show. Scheduling decisions are up to Stone’s sole discretion.

The Main Event Community Challenge: This event occurs once the Community Challenge has been completed. There will 4 Title Matches, as selected by the viewers in the chat at the time of the event. There will be two men’s title matches and two women’s title matches. Selection will happen using our regular giveaway system.

Money in the Bank: MITB Title Shots can be cashed in manually by the MITB holder or automatically by the system. For automation, the chance to have it cashed in increases by 10% for every PPV event. In WWE 2k19, we set MITB cash-ins to happen for the end of the match only (no pre-match and no mid-match cash-ins). Tag Team cash-ins will happen with a roll of Stone’s physical D&D dice.

SGWF Championship #1 Contender Qualification

This is a 4-Way Elimination Match (at minimum) where the Top 4 ranked wrestlers are entered. The winner of this match will take on the SGWF Champion at the next PPV. If there are 7 wrestlers entered into this match, Stone will decide on who will be placed in the extra qualification match (the system cannot handle 7-way matches).

If there are any ties in power rankings for the Top 4, those wrestlers will also qualify for the #1 Contender Qualification Match.

Additional wrestlers that won a Boss Match in the current PPV cycle will be guaranteed a position. If that wrestler was already in the #1-4 position, an extra wrestler will NOT be entered.

Wrestlers that lost the SGWF Championship since the last SGWF Championship #1 Contender Qualification match will be either placed in this #1 Contender Qualification match or in a Preliminary match to qualify for the #1 Contender Match due to space limitations. This is per Stone’s discretion.

Tag Team Championship #1 Contender Qualification

The top 2 teams will compete against each other with the winner moving on to take on the Tag Team Champions at the next PPV. If there is a tie in power ranking points for the #1 or #2 positions, this match can be changed to either a triple threat or a 4-way elimination match. If there are 5 or more teams tied, tiebreakers will need to be determined by Stone.

If a team lost the Tag Team Championship since the last #1 Contender Qualification match, they will be granted an automatic entry to earn a shot at a rematch. In these cases, additional matches may be needed to determine qualification, as per Stone’s discretion.

Canadian Championship #1 Contender Qualification

The Canadian Championship will be defended against whoever is the Poutine Belt holder at the time of the next PPV.

Poutine Belt Qualification Match

The Poutine Belt is not a true title, but instead, it is a placeholder to represent the current gauntlet “champion”. It is defended once per week against the winner of a 4-way Elimination Match. The winner of this match will challenge the Poutine Belt holder. To qualify for this match, a wrestler must:

  1. Must not have been in a Poutine Qualification Match in a prior or current PPV cycle UNLESS they are the current Poutine Belt holder.
  2. Lost the Canadian Championship during the current PPV cycle.
  3. Won either a regular triple threat (or higher) or singles match:
    1. Boss matches do not count.
    2. Universal Tournament matches do not count.
    3. Rivalry matches do not count.
  4. If no other wrestlers qualify, wrestlers will be added based on their position in the Power Rankings (highest to lowest).
    1. If the wrestler is currently in the Universal Tournament they are also excluded.
Universal Championship #1 Contender Qualification

This is an 8-Way Tournament where the the wrestlers ranked #2 thru #9 will be placed in a mini-tournament. The winner of the tournament will take on the SGWF Universal Champion at the next PPV. The #1 seed will take on #8, #2 takes on #7, #3 takes on #6, #4 takes on #5. Tournament Results can be found here: SGWF Universal Championship #1 Contender Tournaments.

During the tournament, Draws are allowed. If the Final match ends in a Draw, both competitors will qualify for the Universal Championship and it will become a Triple Threat match.

Why Not the #1 Seed?: They are pretty much going to be guaranteed a spot in the next SGWF #1 Contender’s Match, as typically they have won a Power Rankings match. The #2 – #4 seeds have not. Being the Universal #1 Contender will not remove them from the SGWF #1 Contender Qualification Match.

Wins in the tournament will NOT qualify the wrestler for the Canadian Gauntlet or the Internet Battle Royal the subsequent week.

If the Universal Championship changed hands previously since the last Universal #1 Contender Qualification Tournament, then the deposed former Champions will be placed as the top seeds in order of their loss (oldest to most recent).

Internet Battle Royal Qualification

Qualification for this match are awarded to wrestlers that win a match the previous week: be it singles (including debut matches), triple threat, four-way, whatever. As long they are not “special matches” like Championships, Poutine Qualifiers, Boss Matches and so forth. Winning those will not award you a spot in the Internet Battle Royal.

If a wrestler participated in the Internet Battle Royal in the previous week, they may not qualify for this week’s Internet Battle Royal. Sometimes this rule is lifted if it is a PPV week, per Stone’s discretion.

Should the wrestler already qualify for the Poutine Qualification Match due to a “regular win”, they cannot qualify for the Internet Battle Royal. The Poutine Belt Qualification takes precedence over the Internet Battle Royal Qualification.

If the Internet Champion loses their title, they are granted an automatic entry into the next Internet Battle Royal to see if they can earn a rematch. The winner of the Internet Battle Royal will take on the Internet Champion this week.

If there are still spots to be filled, wrestlers not already slotted in matches will be selected randomly to fill the battle royal.

Internet Championship

The Internet Championship is defended once a week in a 10-minute time limit match against the winner of this week’s Internet Battle Royal.

Hello Kitty Championship

The Hello Kitty Championship will be defended once per The Main Event show in an 8-Way Elimination Match where the competitors are chosen by Chat Room Viewers.