SGWF Rules

Written below are our formal rules for the SWGF. While we will adhere to these rules as best we can, there will certainly be circumstances that are not covered by these rules. Additionally, these rules are subject to change as determined by Stone. The final say is by Stone in all matters.

Roster Rules

  1. Getting a wrestler on our roster typically requires a Sub: Tier 1 subs may have 1 wrestler, Tier 2 can have 2 wrestlers, Tier 3 can have 3. Exceptions are per Stone’s decision.
    1. Why a Sub? Typically a sub is required to help mitigate “drive-by” guests that will show up, create a wrestler, and then never EVER appear again. Exceptions can be made for VIPs, folks that are in frequent contact by Stone, or those that were invited to create a wrestler by Stone.
  2. Player-owned wrestlers (POWs) will be kept on the roster for at least 1 month.
    1. Subs are not required to keep a wrestler on the roster once its on, however, absences will typically dictate the amount of time your wrestler remains on roster. IE: if you never show up, you’re probably going to be removed pretty quickly. If you think you’re going to be away for a while, shoot Stone a quick message.
    2. Breaking our chat rules (or just causing drama in general) will get your wrestlers removed from the roster. Let’s keep it fun, folks!
  3. Creating a wrestler is subject to Stone’s availability.
    1. If you can create your wrestler in WWE2k19 (PC version), please do so.
    2. If you do not have WWE 2k19 (PC version), we will arrange a time to create the wrestler together, or you can go ahead and check out the Create-a-Wrestler rules and send me your list of wrestler details.
    3. Stone has final approval of all wrestlers. Any POWs created to be super wrestlers (folks, we already give you max attributes), will either be modified or rejected from play.
  4. At any time, should a member violate our SGWF rules or the twitch rules (don’t be a dick: this is a game!), your wrestlers will be subject to removal. Yes, we’re reiterating rule 2.2.
  5. Tag Teams: Your CAW can form a tag team ONLY with another POW, never an unowned wrestler.
    1. Exceptions can sometimes be made, per Stone’s discretion.

Wrestler Rules

  1. POWs (Player-Owned Wrestlers) will have an overall rating of 100.
  2. POW weight maximums are 400 lbs (men) and 200 lbs (women).
  3. POW height maximums are 6-ft-8 (men) and 6-ft-2 (women).
  4. Ned Flanders and Marge Simpson will always have a low rating (currently this is 47). These are kept low for POW debut matches.
  5. Bosses (men and women) will always have a rating of 100 and will always have the maximum weight for their sex: Men at 500 lbs and Women 275 lbs. These are kept high for POW boss matches.
  6. All Non-POW wrestlers will have a rating of 90 overall.
  7. All Abilities should be taken at Level 3.

Wrestler Skills

We’ve had to tweak our ruleset over time to govern which skills wrestlers can have as the AI is not very good at showing a lot of variety.

  • All Basic Action skills should be taken.
  • All Special Match Action skills should be taken.
  • All Special Action skills should be taken.

OMG! Moment Skills have a few restrictions on what skills you can take to add some variety to our matches.

Individual Group A (Pick 1)

  • Ring Breaker (Super Heavyweights only)
  • Outside Superplex
  • Super Dropkick
  • Torpedo DDT
  • Corner Post Baseball Slide
  • Coast to Coast
  • Top Rope Double Knee
  • Apron DDT
  • Apron Superplex

Individual Group B (Pick 1)

  • Barricade Breaker
  • Skull Crushing Big Boot
  • Catching Finisher
  • Suicide Dive
  • King of Swing
  • Corkscrew Legdrop
  • Powerbomb / Boston Crab
  • Multiple Attitude Adjustments

Locker Group (Pick 1)

  • Locker Powerbomb
  • Locker Superkick Combo

Office Group (Pick 1)

  • Office Table Powerbomb
  • Office Table DDT

Everyone is allowed to take all the following skills:

  • Breaker Box Spear
  • TV Monitor Spear
  • Unicorn Stampede
  • Double Finisher
  • Car Finisher
  • Kendo-Assisted Yes! Lock
  • Ladder Bridge Powerbomb
  • Break-Out Finisher
  • Through the Table
  • Ladder Finisher
  • Escape Artist
  • Pod People

Triple Powerbomb 1 & 2 are not allowed for selection currently.

Power Rankings (SGWF Championships)

TLDR: We calculate points on a rolling 30-day period. Excel takes care of it for us.

Match Winners: Winners of all matches will receive 5 points unless otherwise stipulated.

  • Championship: Winning a championship belt earns your wrestler extra points. Defending the title does not award any extra points.
    • SGWF & Tag Team Titles: +5 points
    • Canadian & Universal Titles: +3 points
    • Internet Title: +2 points
  • Non-Title: If you are NOT a champion, but you defeat a champion in a non-title match, your wrestler receives extra points. **these must be one-on-one matches.
    • SGWF & Tag Team Titles: +2.5 points
    • Canadian & Universal Titles: +1.5 points
    • Internet Title: +1 points
  • Boss Bonus: Defeating a boss will earn your wrestler an extra 1 point.

Match Losers: Losing a match will award a wrestler 1 point (exception is below).
Elimination Matches: Being eliminated later in the match will reward an extra point depending on the number of participants in the match. This applies to Battle Royals but NOT Royal Rumbles unless explicitly stated.

  • 4-Person & 5-Person: Coming in 2nd will earn the wrestler an extra 1 point.
  • 6-Person & 7-Person: Coming in 2nd or 3rd will earn the wrestler an extra 1 point.
  • 8-Person: Coming in 2nd, 3rd, or 4th will earn the wrestler an extra 1 point.

Draws: Matches ending in a draw will see both wrestlers or teams earning 2.5 points.

Rivalry Matches: Win, lose, or draw, each participant in a rivalry match will be granted an extra 1 point.

Match Assignments

Typically matches are assigned on a random basis unless there is a specific story-line or contender match that needs resolving. In most cases, all POWs will appear on each show every week, however, for PPVs, there are chances there may not be room for all POWs as they may not be in contention for a championship.

Free-Per-Views (FPV): Once a month there will be a free-per-view (think Wrestlemania, Royal Rumble, etc) where all championship matches will be on the line. Some matches will be assigned to determine #1 contender positions throughout the month and may not necessarily be randomly assigned. Player-Owned Wrestlers (POW) will be favoured over NPC wrestlers.

Championship Matches: Each Championship title will be defended once a month against the #1 contender. There are no automatic rematches should the title change hands. After losing their title, a previous champion may not necessarily be the #1 contender.

SGWF #1 Contender Match: This is a 4-Way Elimination Match where we take the top 4 singles wrestlers. Beating a Boss can allow someone NOT in the Top 4 to qualify for this match to make it a 5-6- or 8-Way Elimination Match. The winner will take on the SGWF Champion for the title. If there are 7 wrestlers qualifying for this match, we will take the Boss winners and have them face off in a triple threat match. The loser will be eliminated and the remaining two will move on to a 6-Way #1 Contender Elimination match.

Tag Team #1 Contender Match: Typically the top 2 teams will compete against each. If there is a tie in power ranking points, this match may be changed to a triple threat or even a 4-way. Beating a Boss can allow a team to qualify for this match without needing to be in the top 2. The winner will take on the Tag Team Champions for the title.

Boss Match: Defeating a Boss will allow that wrestler (or team) to enter the SGWF #1 Contenders match.

Internet Championship: The Internet Championship title will be defended each week against the winner of the Internet Battle Royal. There are no automatic rematches should the title change hands, however, the losing the title will grant the wrestler an entry in next week’s Internet Battle Royal.

Internet Battle Royal: Entries into this match are awarded to wrestlers that win a match the previous week be it singles, triple threat, four-way, whatever. As long they are not “special matches” like Championships, Poutine Qualifiers, Boss Matches and so forth. Winning those will not award you a spot in the Internet Battle Royal. If the Internet Champion loses their title, they are granted an automatic entry into the next Internet Battle Royal to see if they can earn a rematch. The winner of the Internet Battle Royal will take on the Internet Champion this week.

Canadian Championship: The Canadian Championship will be competed for once a month by the Champion and the most recent winner of The Gauntlet.

Canadian Championship Gauntlet: Each week (except for FPVs) a 4-way Elimination Match will be held to determine who will challenge the current Canadian Gauntlet Holder. The initial Gauntlet Holder will be wrestler coming in second during the inaugural Canadian Championship matches. After each FPV, the Gauntlet Holder will be whichever wrestler lost the Canadian Championship Match. If a wrestler loses the Gauntlet on they will be granted a spot in the next Gauntlet Qualifying Match.

Universal Championship: The Universal Championship will be competed for once a month by the Champion and the winner of an 8-Way Elimination Match.

Universal 8-Way Elimination Qualifier: To determine the #1 Contender for the Universal Championship, we take the eight highest ranked singles wrestlers that have not already qualified for the SGWF #1 Match. The winner of this will compete against the Universal Champion for the title. One spot in this match is reserved for the former Universal Champion to allow them a shot at earning a rematch.

Non-Title Matches: POWs that are champions may wrestle on a weekly basis in non-title matches. These matches will allow the POW to continue to accrue power ranking points. This is up to the owner of the POW. If no firm decision is reached by the owner, Stone will make the decision for them.

Purchasing Title Matches: Anyone in the chat room may purchase a title shot for 50,000 pebbles (use the command !titleshot in the chat). The user may select any wrestler on the roster to award the title shot to; this could even be a wrestler not owned by the user and it also does not need to be a POW.

A purchased title match does NOT guarantee a one on one shot against the champion. In fact, if there is a scheduled match already in the works, the match will be updated to include the new wrestler. So if there was already a triple threat for the championship it would be updated to become a fatal four-way. In some scenarios the title shot may be awarded immediately or may need to be deferred to the next show. Scheduling decisions are up to Stone’s sole discretion.

Money in the Bank: MITB will be held only once a year. If the MITB briefcase is held by a POW and the owner has not shown up, the POW will be treated as a non-POW in terms of random cashing in. Non-POW’s will have a 10% chance to cash in their MITB shot each week: Stone will manually roll this each week, but keep the results hidden until match day.

Match Rules

  1. Earning Pebbles: VIPs and Subs will earn pebbles if their wrestlers win matches. Quantities are determined at match time by Stone. Typical pebble rewards are:
    1. Singles / Tag Teams: 500 pebbles to the winner.
    2. Multi-Person Matches: 500 pebbles to the winner.
    3. Battle Royal: 800 points to the winner.
    4. Championship and other special matches: pebble rewards are subject to Stone’s determination. Typically for these special matches rewards are doubled.
  2. Twitch Championship: matches will have a maximum duration of 10 minutes. If there is no winner after the 10 minutes elapsed time, the match ends in a draw and the champion retains the title.