SGWF Rules

Written below are our formal rules for the SWGF. While we will adhere to these rules as best we can, there will certainly be circumstances that are not covered by these rules. Additionally, these rules are subject to change as determined by Stone. The final say is by Stone in all matters.

Roster Rules

  1. Any VIP or Subscriber may have one wrestler for no pebble cost.
    1. Additional wrestlers may be purchased for a cost of 100,000 pebbles.
  2. Player-owned wrestlers will be kept on the roster for at least 6 months.
    1. Prolonged absences could result in your wrestler being removed in favour of other Player-Owned wrestlers being added to the roster.
    2. Breaking our chat rules (or just causing drama in general) will get your wrestlers removed from the roster. Let’s keep it fun, folks!
  3. Creating a wrestler is subject to Stone’s availability.
    1. If you can create your wrestler in WWE2k19 (PC version), please do so.
    2. If you do not have WWE 2k19 (PC version), we will arrange a time to create the wrestler together, or you can go ahead and check out the Create-a-Wrestler rules and send me your list of wrestler details.
  4. At any time, should a member violate our SGWF rules or the twitch rules (don’t be a dick: this is a game!), your wrestlers will be subject to removal. Yes, we’re reiterating rule 2.2.
  5. Tag Teams: Your CAW can form a tag team ONLY with another person’s CAW, never an unowned wrestler.

Wrestler Rules

  1. POWs (Player-Owned Wrestlers) will have an overall rating of 100 and a normalized weight class. In the future THIS WILL CHANGE. MAKE YOUR WRESTLER NOW.
    1. Men’s Weight: 275 lbs (Heavyweight).
    2. Women’s Weight: 240 lbs (Light Heavyweight).
  2. Ned Flanders and Marge Simpson will always have a rating of 36 (lowest possible). These are kept low for POW debut matches.
  3. Venom (men and women) will always have a rating of 100 and a weight class of (men) Super Heavyweight (350 lbs) and (women) Heavyweight (275 lbs). These are kept high for POW boss matches.
  4. All Non-POW custom wrestlers will have a rating of 85 overall and use the same weight classes as POWs (above).
  5. All Non-POW STANDARD wrestlers (ones that come pre-loaded with the game) will keep whatever their default rating and weight class is.


TLDR: We calculate points on a rolling 30-day period. Don’t worry about it. It’ll be fine. Excel takes care of it for us.

Match Winners: Winners of all matches will receive 100 points.

  • Championship: Winning a championship belt earns your wrestler an extra 50 pts. Defending the title does not award any extra points.
  • Boss Bonus: Defeating a boss will earn your wrestler an extra 50 pts.

Match Losers: Losers will be award points based on their finish in the match.

  • One-on-One or Two-on-Two: Loser receives 10pts.
  • Triple Threat: Last place gets 10pts, 2nd place gets 20pts. In the case of one fall to a finish, the 2nd and 3rd place wrestlers will each get 15pts.
  • Fatal Four Way: 2nd place gets 30pts, 3rd place gets 20pts, Last place gets 10pts. In the case of one fall to a finish, these wrestlers will all get 20pts.
  • Battle Royal: Similar to the above rewards: Last gets 10pts, 2nd eliminated gets 20pts, 3rd eliminated gets 30pts, and so on.

Match Assignments

Stone will be assigning matches using groupings of the Power Rankings. Wrestlers will be split up into three groups and matches will be randomly assigned.

Road to the Main Event: Once a month there will be a main event where all championship matches will be on the line. Some matches will be assigned to determine #1 contender positions throughout the month and may not necessarily be randomly assigned. Player-Owned Wrestlers (POW) will be favoured over NPC wrestlers.

Championship Matches: Each Championship title will be defended once a month against the #1 contender. There are no automatic rematches should the title change hands. After losing their title, a previous champion may not necessarily be the #1 contender.

Twitch Championship: The Twitch Championship title will be defended each week against the winner of the a battle royal (this consists of the middle eight wrestlers in the power rankings). There are no automatic rematches should the title change hands.

Non-Title Matches: POWs that are champions may wrestle on a weekly basis in non-title matches. These matches will allow the POW to continue to accrue power ranking points. This is up to the owner of the POW. If no firm decision is reached by the owner, the POW will not make any appearances until their next title match.

Purchasing Title Matches: Anyone in the chat room may purchase a title shot for 50,000 pebbles (use the command !titleshot in the chat). The user may select any wrestler to award the title shot to; this could even be a wrestler not owned by the user and it also does not need to be a POW. As long as the wrestler is on our roster, they are eligible.

A purchased title match does NOT guarantee a one on one shot against the champion. In fact, if there is a scheduled match already in the works, the match will be updated to include the new wrestler. So if there was already a triple threat for the championship it would be updated to become a fatal four-way. In some scenarios the title shot may be awarded immediately or may need to be deferred to the next show. Scheduling decisions are up to Stone’s sole discretion.

Match Rules

  1. Count-outs: In most matches count-outs will be increased to 15. Some matches that require a winner will have count-outs disabled.
  2. Earning Pebbles: VIPs and Subs will earn pebbles if their wrestlers win matches. Quantities are determined at match time by Stone. Typical pebble rewards are:
    1. Singles / Tag Teams: 500 pebbles to the winner.
    2. Non-Elimination Matches (first victor wins everything): 500 pebbles to the winner.
    3. Elimination Matches (3, 4, 5… opponents): first person eliminated gets 100 pebbles, 2nd gets 200, 3rd gets 300, and so on.
    4. Championship and other special matches: pebble rewards are subject to Stone’s determination. Typically for these special matches, rewards are doubled.
  3. Twitch Championship: matches will have a maximum duration of 10 minutes. If there is no winner after the 10 minutes elapsed time, the match ends in a draw and the champion retains the title.