SGWF Rules

Our formal rules try to cover most situations and processes for SGWF. It is important to note that while most situations will be covered, some may not be. In those cases, Stone has the final say. Rules are always subject to change and are ultimately up to Stone.

Roster Rules

  1. Joining the Roster: We are always looking for new folks to hang out with, however, we are not interested in folks just wanting to drop in a wrestler and never show up again. A lot of effort is required to add your wrestler to our system both for statistic tracking and presentation.
    1. Pebbles: The cost to join is 100,000 pebbles. This currency is earned by various methods, the most important of which is chat participation and viewership. This requirement may be waived if you are well known to either Stone or Carrie.
    2. Discord: Join Stone’s discord. It makes it much easier for to contact you if there’s an issue with your wrestler. Use this link: If you cannot use discord, please let us know why.
    3. The Right Fit: We pride ourselves on not being your typical “e-fed” and are much more watchful about whether someone is the right fit for our fed. We love making new friends but we’re not interested in folks that take their wrestler far too seriously as we are “not that kind of fed”. In cases where a wrestler was purchased, it is up to our sole discretion to reject and refund the purchase. If you are unsure, please send a DM in discord, as discussions of this nature are unsuitable for a live stream.
  2. Staying on the Roster: Our Roster slots are limited to 100, so this means we need to manage them very carefully.
    1. Watch Time: We check with our bot to keep an eye on watch times. Folks that have watch times that dip below a variable threshold will have their wrestlers benched.
    2. Discord: If you leave discord without letting us know why, your wrestler will be benched until you return. Departure typically results in the assumption of abandoning your wrestler.
    3. Good Behaviour: Do not break our chat rules or get yourself banned either with us or other streams. Bad behaviour will not be tolerated. We just want to hang out and watch our wrestlers beat up on each other.
    4. Exceptional Circumstances: If there’s something going on in your life that will prevent you from being around and you intend on returning, please let us know. We don’t need to know specific reasons as we value your privacy. If you are away for an excessive amount of time, we may still need to bench your wrestler or possibly remove it as our roster slots are limited. Once you are able to return, we can bring it back.
  3. Extra Wrestlers: You may purchase extra wrestlers by spending pebbles. Extra wrestlers are limited by the number of Roster Slots we currently have and may not be available for purchase.
    1. 2nd Wrestler: to be eligible for a 2nd wrestler, you must be a member for at least a year. To purchase a second wrestler, there is a one-time fee of 1,000,000 pebbles.
    2. 3rd Wrestler: to be eligible for a 3rd wrestler, you must be a member for at least two years. To purchase a third wrestler, there is a one-time fee of 2,000,000 pebbles.
    3. Exceptions: Occasionally, we may decide to waive the membership length or pebble requirement to get a 2nd wrestler. Please do not ask us for this. These exceptions are typically done based on need and are solely up to Stone’s and Carrie’s discretion.
    4. Tier 2/3 Subs: These no longer grant the member an automatic 2nd or 3rd POW. Subs are no longer required to be maintained at these tiers to keep extra wrestlers.

Power Rankings

TLDR: We calculate power ranking points on a rolling 35-day period. Our custom-built database and scripts take care of it for us.

Points are awarded as follows:

  1. Match Winners: The winner of a match will receive 5 points unless otherwise stipulated.
  2. Beating a Champion: If the wrestler beats a Champion in a head-to-head match, they will receive extra points. This can be a non-title match, however, the bonus does not apply to viewer Make Matches unless it is a title match.
    1. SGWF & Tag Team Titles: +5 points
    2. Canadian, Hardcore, and Hello Kitty Titles: +3 points
    3. Internet Title: +2 points
  3. Match Losers: Losing a match will earn the wrestler 1 point.
  4. Losing Elimination Matches: These extra points apply to all elimination matches except Royal Rumbles.
    1. Four- & Five-Person: Coming in Second will earn the wrestler an extra 1 point.
    2. Six- & Seven-Person: Coming in Second or Third will earn the wrestler an extra 1 point.
    3. Eight-Person: Coming in Second, Third, or Fourth will earn the wrestler an extra 1 point.
  5. Draws: A match ending in a draw will award both wrestlers 2.5 points.
  6. Rivalries:
    1. Participation: Win, lose, or draw, each wrestler will earn an extra 1 point.
    2. Winning a Series: Winning the Rivalry Series will earn the wrestler an extra 10 points.

Match Creation & Assignments

Weekly Regular Matches

Wrestlers and Tag Teams are booked into one regular match per week. This is done to keep stream times relatively short (I physically cannot do 8-hour streams every day) and ensure that everyone’s wrestler makes at least one appearance. If you want to see your wrestler appear more than once a week, you are allowed to purchase make matches using your pebbles.

Tag Team Bookings
Tag Teams are booked on a random basis. We will take care to try not to rebook the same opponents or match types (3ways, 4ways, etc) in back-to-back weeks, however, sometimes this is not possible.

Tag Team divisions are currently limited to a maximum of 10 teams. On occasion, if we have more interest, we may hold a “play-in” match for lower-ranked tag teams, with the bottom teams being excluded from regular bookings for the duration of that month. You are allowed to purchase Make Matches for these tag teams even if they are not being booked regularly.

Singles Wrestlers
The top 16 singles wrestlers are booked in singles matches based on the power rankings in a 1v16, 2v15, 3v14, 4v13, etc. fashion. If a wrestler is already scheduled to be in a Battle Royal (due to a rematch clause) or another irregular match (like a #1 Contender or even a Rivalry series match), they will be skipped for a singles match.

Battle Royals: After the singles matches above have been booked, the next 8 will be scheduled into the Internet Battle Royal. If a wrestler was already in the Internet Battle Royal the previous week, they will be skipped. If a wrestler was already booked into a #1 Contender match, they will be skipped for the Battle Royal, however, there may be situations where a wrestler may need to be double-booked.

The Remainder: The remaining wrestlers, after singles and battle royals have been booked, will be matched up randomly in 3-way or 4-way matches.


While we use WWE 2K23 Universe Mode to simulate our matches, we handle injuries outside the game.

Injuries are handled on a show-by-show basis. Any wrestler appearing in a match, whether that is as an individual or part of a tag-team, they will have a 5% chance to get injured for each match they appear in during that particular show. Example: Suzie Machina appeared in 3 matches (singles, a tag team, and a cashed in title shot); she would have a 15% chance to be injured.

When a healthy wrestler is injured, they are marked as having a minor injury for 1-4 shows (the number of shows is kept hidden). If that wrestler happens to be injured again while still having the minor injury, they are marked as having a major injury for an additional 1-4 shows (again, number of shows is kept hidden). If the wrestler with a major injury is injured again, they are marked as Severely Injured for 1-4 shows and can no longer wrestle until they fully recover.

Recovery is as simple as missing shows and/or not being injured during a show if they are booked for matches. At any point, the owner of the wrestler may opt to bench their wrestler until they are fully recovered.

The number of shows missed due to injury are cumulative. If a wrestler had a minor injury for 3 shows and a major injury for 2 shows, they will be marked as having a Major Injury and would take 5 shows to completely recover. Taking this a step forward, let’s say this wrestler got injured again and we rolled that they would miss 4 shows due to the Severe Injury, that wrestler would miss a total of 9 shows and would be benched for all 9 until their Severe Injury was cleared.

We now take planned breaks. All injuries are healed during our breaks, regardless of the severity and number of shows remaining for recovery.

Viewer Make Matches

If one match a week is not enough, a viewer as the option to purchase a “Make Match” with their pebbles (pebble costs will vary, please see discord for the current prices).

  1. Only eligible wrestlers on our Roster are allowed for selection.
  2. A POW owner can book their wrestler into one Make Match per show.
  3. A wrestler may be booked into a Make Match by someone that is not their owner only once per show.
    1. If they are present, an owner can opt their wrestler out of a Make Match. By default, if they are not present, wrestlers are always opted IN if they are eligible.
  4. Stipulations can only be added by owners of wrestlers in the match.

Rivalry Series Matches

Rivalry Series can be created at any time, however, there can only be one Rivalry Series active for each gender at any given time. Rivalry Series will begin at the beginning of the next month and will not start mid-month.

The person cashing in for a Rivalry Series will set the first match between the two rivals (list of approved match types will be sent to the person). Thereafter, the loser of the match will select the match type for the next match in the series. A match type can only be selected once in a series.

Money in the Bank

MITB Title Shots can be cashed in manually by the MITB holder or automatically by the system.

For manual MITB cash-ins, the MITB holder needs to let Stone know either publicly or secretly if they intend to cash-in their MITB. Due to technical limitations it may not be possible to cash-in immediately as the game may not allow it.

For automated MITB cash-ins, the chance to have it cashed in increases by 10% for every Special Show (not including The Main Event). In WWE 2K23, we have set MITB cash-ins to happen for the end of the match only (no pre-match and no mid-match cash-ins).

Currently Tag Team MITB is not allowed as WWE 2K23 does not support the functionality.

Cashed-In Title Shots

A viewer with enough pebbles or chips may cash them in for a title shot. The following rules must be kept in mind:

  1. Eligibility details:
    1. New wrestlers: Only wrestlers that made their debut at least 30 days ago are eligible.
    2. SGWF Championship: 1,000,000 pebbles.
    3. Tag Team Championship: 200,000 pebbles.
    4. Canadian Championship: 200,000 pebbles.
    5. Hardcore Championship: 200,000 pebbles.
    6. Hello Kitty Championship: 200,000 pebbles.
    7. Internet Championship: Not Allowed. The title is already defended on a weekly basis and is not a requirement for the Champion of All Reality achievement.
  2. Each cash-in is for a single active wrestler.
    1. You do not need to be the owner of the wrestler selected (ie, you may gift a title shot).
    2. The owner of a selected wrestler may Opt Out. If they are not present in the chat room to opt out, by default they are Opted In.
    3. The defending Champion may never opt out.
    4. Debut Enhancement Talent are allowed for selection.
  3. An eligible title may only be Cashed-In ONCE per show.
  4. Extra Cash-Ins for the same Title must be approved by anyone that purchased the Cashed-In Title Shot. Approved extra Cash-In wrestlers will be added to the match to make it a 3-way, 4-way, etc.
    1. The defending Champion is never consulted on whether extra wrestlers are added to the match. Only those that purchased the Cash-Ins are consulted on whether to add extra wrestlers.
    2. Everyone must agree to add the extra Cash-In wrestler.
  5. By default, the match is a Regular 1-Fall match. To change this, you must add stipulations. Please see the list of stipulations on discord.
  6. Stipulations may be added by:
    1. The Champion.
    2. Anyone that purchased a Cash-In for this match.
    3. The owner of any wrestler participating in this match.
    4. Stipulations are added / administered on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  7. Cash-Ins should be for the current show, however, if that cannot happen, we prefer if you hold your cash-in for another day.

Special Shows (PLE / PPV / FPV)

Once every “wrestling month” (generally anywhere from 5-6 weeks), we will host a special show where most or all of the Championships are defended against the #1 Contender. While it is possible for a wrestler to appear in multiple matches, we still try to adhere to our 1 Regular Match per week rule.

Championship Matches

Championships have varying requirements on defense frequency. Each championship will be defended against whoever is deemed the #1 Contender(s) as per that particular Title’s #1 Contender Determination Rules.

TitleDefense Details
SGWF Championship1v1 at PPV Event against #1 Contender.
Tag Team ChampionshipTvT at PPV Event against #1 Contenders.
Canadian Championship1v1 at PPV Event against the Poutine Case holder.
Hardcore Championship1v1 (Extreme Rules/Falls Count Anywhere Match – Pin/Sub/KO) at PPV Event against the #1 Contender.
Hello Kitty Championship8-Way Elimination Put-Me-In match at The Main Event.
Defending Champion must also be entered in order to defend the title.
Internet Championship1v1 (10-min limit), once/week against the winner of the Internet Battle Royal.

The Main Event Community Challenge

This event occurs once the Community Challenge has been completed. There will be 4 Title Matches, as selected by the viewers in the chat at the time of the event. Selection will happen using our regular giveaway system.

Additionally, the Hello Kitty Championships are defended. Wrestlers are typically selected from the top 8 finishers in a Marbles race. The defending Hello Kitty Champion must be selected in order to defend the title.

Viewer Shows (Pebble Cash-Ins)

Occasionally viewers will be able to create their own themed shows by using their pebbles. The viewer will be able to set the theme, titles, and qualification methods for title shots. If cashed in, these events will replace The Main Event and will kick off the beginning of our Wrestling Month.

Theme: You will set the overall theme (and name) of the Show. This could range from being spooky, happy-go-lucky, movie theme (ie. Terminator!), etc. What we do not want is a Show where you are blatantly advertising for something, be that a another stream, an e-fed, a youtube channel, a product, etc. Themes like this need special approval by Stone.

Titles: Your show can have up to ten titles on the line and must include the Wo/Men’s SGWF Championships. In fact, one of the SGWF Championships must be the Main Event of the Show (exceptions can be made to fit with the theme of the show: say a Royal Rumble themed show, it would be okay to set a Royal Rumble match as a main event. You are also allowed to change the match type for a title match as long as it’s within the scope of the title (Example: Hardcore title is okay to be First Blood only but would not be okay to be a regular Pinfall/Submission match).

Match Booking: You no longer need to book a #1 Contenders match for each title being defended. You can only book one wrestler into one match. Champions defending their titles in this show may not be booked as challengers for a different title.

Final Approval: Please understand that not all rules or exceptions will be covered in the items above, however, we will do our best to keep within the spirit of the intent, even if it is not completely spelled out. All items regarding the Viewer Show will be subject to Stone’s approval.

#1 Contender Qualifications

Each title has their own method of qualifying to become the #1 Contender, earning them a title shot at the next eligible opportunity. In most cases these matches are held the week before a Special Show, however, some exceptions can happen.

“Top Ranked” refers to the Titans and Paragons Power Rankings.

SGWF Championship

This is an Elimination Match where the Top 4 Ranked wrestlers from the Power Rankings are entered. The winner of this match will take on the SGWF Champion at the next Special Show. If there are 7 wrestlers entered into this match, Stone will decide on who will be placed in the extra qualification match (2K22 does not allow 7-way matches).

Rematch Clause: Wrestlers that lost the SGWF Championship since the last #1 Contender match will be placed in this match to earn a rematch. Again, there can be exceptions. If there are excessive numbers of rematch wrestlers, we can opt to have a run-off where all Rematch Clause wrestlers will need to win a special match in order to qualify for the #1 Contender match.

Exceptions: While most of the time we will be aiming to make this a 4-way or 5-way match, there can be times where this will change, depending on either the Special Show theme or the direction from our GM of the Month. All decisions will be made by Stone and are final.

Tag Team Championship

The top 2 teams will compete against each other with the winner moving on to take on the Tag Team Champions at the next Special Show. If there is a tie in power ranking points for the #1 or #2 positions, this match can be changed to either a triple threat or a 4-way elimination match. If there are 5 or more teams tied, tiebreakers will need to be determined by Stone.

Rematch Clause: If a team lost the Tag Team Championship since the last #1 Contender Qualification match, they will be granted an automatic entry to earn a shot at a rematch. In these cases, additional matches may be needed to determine qualification, as per Stone’s discretion.

Canadian Championship

The Canadian Championship will be defended against whoever is the Poutine Case holder at the time of the next Special Show.

Rematch Clause: Anyone losing the Canadian Championship since the last Poutine Case match will also earn an entry in this match.

Poutine Case Match

The Poutine Belt is not a true title, but instead, it is a placeholder to represent the #1 Contender for the Canadian Championship. Typically the match will be a Ladder Match with at least four wrestlers entered. The Top 4 Ranked four wrestlers that did not qualify for the SGWF #1 Contender Match will be entered into this Poutine Case Ladder Match.

There can be times where there are too many wrestlers qualifying for the Poutine Case. In these situations, an extra qualification or run-off match will be created to best fit the situation. Stone’s decision in these cases is final.

Championship Match: Once the Poutine Case holder “cashes in” for their shot at the Canadian Championship, the Poutine Case is vacated until the next Poutine Case match.

Hardcore Championship Qualification

Qualification for this championship is based on the winning percentage for betting winners. Each person will be asked for a list of their favoured wrestlers. From this we will generate our Hardcore #1 Contender matches.

The qualification match is an 8-way tables elimination match.

The winner will take on the Hardcore Champion at the next Special Show in an Extreme Rules / Falls Count Anywhere Match. These matches may be decided by pinfall or submission.

Rematch Clause: Losing the Hardcore Championship will now grant the wrestler a spot in the next Hardcore #1 Contender match.

Hello Kitty Championship

The Hello Kitty Championship will be defended once per The Main Event show in an 8-Way Elimination Match where the competitors are chosen by Chat Room Viewers. Currently this is based on the top 8 finishers in a Marbles race. Since all the participants are chosen by viewers, there is no #1 Contender match for this title.

The current Hello Kitty Champion must be selected in order to defend the title.

Rematch Clause: There is no rematch clause for losing the Hello Kitty Championship as participants in The Main Event championship match are all chosen by viewers with no #1 Contender match.

Internet Championship

The Internet Championship is defended once a week in a 10-minute time limit match against the winner of this week’s Internet Battle Royal.

Internet Battle Royal Qualification

Qualification for this match are awarded to wrestlers that win a Regular Match the previous week: be it singles (including debut matches), triple threat, four-way, whatever. As long they are not “special matches” like Championships, Poutine Qualifiers, Boss Matches, Cash-Ins, Make Matches and so forth. Winning those will not award you a spot in the Internet Battle Royal.

Should there not be enough qualifying wrestlers for the Battle Royal, typically Stone will randomly select wrestlers to fill the remaining spots.

If a wrestler participated in the Internet Battle Royal in the previous week, they may not qualify for this week’s Internet Battle Royal. Sometimes this rule is lifted if there is a Special Show this week as we typically take the next 8 Top Ranked wrestlers. Entry is per Stone’s discretion.

Rematch Clause: If the Internet Champion loses their title, they are granted an automatic entry into the next Internet Battle Royal to see if they can earn a rematch. The winner of the Internet Battle Royal will take on the Internet Champion this week.