Twitch Etiquette

If you are new to twitch, please consider acting in accordance with these guidelines.

Every Stream is Different: While these guidelines apply for our own stream, you should certainly check with another streamer’s rules on how to conduct yourself. First impressions are everything. As large as Twitch is, it is actually a pretty small community where you can get a bad name for yourself quickly, even if it’s accidentally.

Advertising: Don’t promote your stream, or someone else’s stream, unless the streamer asks you to. Folks that are “regulars” of the stream are given a thumbs-up, however, if you’re brand new to the stream, you probably should hang out and get to know us before using our chat room / stream as your spam channel. This will only get you banned from our channel and also give the person you’re promoting a black mark as well. Don’t do this in anyone’s streams before asking first.

Popping into a chat room saying you’re about to start streaming is a definite no-no. It’s rude.

Just Waiting For X to Start Stream: This is a subset of the “Advertising” section. Coming into someone else’s stream saying you are only here because you’re waiting for another streamer to start is extremely rude and would likely get you kicked out of anyone’s stream. Don’t do it.

You’re Bored: If you’re bored with the stream content or were bored in general it’s rude to actually type that in chat. Not every stream is going to “the one” for you. If you’re bored with the content, there is no need to actually say so in the chat unless the streamer literally asks the chat room to do so. This falls under trolling and will get you banned. If you don’t have anything good to say, a good rule of thumb is to not say it.

Begging for Subs: You should never ask anyone to gift you a sub. You are not required to sub to us. It’s okay if you can’t. We do have very generous viewers that occasionally gift subs to the stream, if you stick around, you just might get one.

Begging (in General): In general, you should refrain from begging for pebbles, match cash-ins, etc. Overall, it’s bad form.

Asking to be a Mod or VIP: You should never ask anyone to make you a Moderator or a VIP. In most cases, a Twitch streamer will hand-pick users they know to help them moderate their chat. For VIPs, each Twitch streamer is different, however, asking for VIP is considered extremely rude.

Lurkers are Okay: If you see someone lurking in chat, as a rule of thumb, you should never call them out. They are likely lurking for a pretty good reason.

Spamming: Spamming your own stream’s emotes is generally frowned upon in most streams. We don’t mind when our friends use their emotes, or emotes from another stream they’re subbed to, however, as a newcomer in general, you probably shouldn’t do that in someone’s stream unless you get permission first.

Trolling / Politics / Real World Issues: Unless the stream is specifically for discussing politics or other real world issues, you should NOT do so in our stream. Occasionally we will broach a topic or two, however, it is generally not common. Read the room.

Game Direction: As a rule of thumb you should never tell the streamer what game to play. They’ve typically got a schedule and will be playing the streams that they want to or have had planned with the community. As you get to know a particular streamer, they may ask you or the chat community what game they should be playing next.

Who to Raid: Unless the Streamer has specifically asked, you should never tell the streamer who to raid. Every streamer has their methods to determine who to raid for a multitude of reasons.