SGWF Yearly Stats

SGWF Statistics for 2024


Total Shows: 46 w/ 9 PPVs
Total Matches: 465 w/ 1 Lurker matches and 0 Title Shot Cashins

Marge Matches

Marge's Matches: 4 w/ 0 Wins
Fastest Win over Marge: 29 seconds by The Witch on Apr-3 2024 Paragons
Longest Win over Marge: 290 seconds by Ada Wong on Jul-1 2024 Nova

Ned Matches

Ned's Matches: 6 w/ 0 Wins
Fastest Win over Ned: 110 seconds by Dominus on Jan-13 2024 Nova
Longest Win over Ned: 350 seconds by Devon Fox on Jun-26 2024 Paragons

Singles Matches

Most Wins

Violet Raven10
Dr. Bacon7
Lilith Knight7
Diamond Dave Tolos6
The Witch5
Large Marge5
Percy Mochaccino III5
Col. Andres Rivera5
Chris Redfield5
Eldrin the Butcher5

Fastest Wins

0m 29s2024-04-03The WitchMarge Simpson
0m 43s2024-04-15SephirohtMarshall Magnum
1m 11s2024-05-24BrummyMarshall Magnum
1m 15s2024-04-03Large MargeAlex Samuels
1m 16s2024-01-01Anthony JindrakElbi Froggeh
1m 26s2024-04-15ToastyKentucky Dave
1m 32s2024-03-27Percy Mochaccino IIIBig Bad Bobby D
1m 33s2024-04-03Claire RedfieldJenn Savage
1m 40s2024-04-12Olive OylAli Morgan
1m 50s2024-01-13DominusNed Flanders

Longest Wins

8m 21s2024-07-04Sgt. Rosa RiveraElizaveta Usov
8m 3s2024-05-10Lunchbox LindaThe Witch
7m 42s2024-01-26Chris RedfieldSephiroht
7m 42s2024-07-11Damian JadeBrummy
7m 14s2024-06-27Cowboy Curt CunninghamMighty Mite
7m 7s2024-07-04Dr. BaconTeddy King
7m 5s2024-06-20Ada WongAmy Wong
7m 2s2024-06-13Gabriel SlayButcher
7m 1s2024-04-29Large MargeLilith Knight
6m 58s2024-06-26Lilith KnightThe Baker

Tag Team Matches

Most Wins

Varsity Club (wom)4
5 Minute Majors (men)4
Seek and Destroy (wom)4
The Family (men)3
The Dominion (wom)3
Hidden Girth (men)3
After School Special (wom)3
The Poutine Pounders (men)3
Sugar 'n Spice (wom)3
Froggeh & Redfield (men)2

Fastest Wins

1m 41s2024-04-12RAND: Isabella Carrie & Large Marge (wom)Break You (wom)
1m 58s2024-01-24Hidden Girth (men)The Nasty Boys (men)
2m 48s2024-07-10The Family (men)RAND: di Forte & Spaulding (men)
2m 52s2024-05-24The Bone Collectors (men)The Beard Brothers (men)
3m 4s2024-04-27RAND: Isabella Carrie & Large Marge (wom)Break You (wom)
3m 41s2024-02-06The Nasty Boys (men)Sugar 'n Spice (men)
3m 45s2024-07-04RAND: Witch & Borochiev (wom)RAND: Large Marge & Redfield (wom)
3m 46s2024-04-15The Family (men)The Beard Brothers (men)
4m 3s2024-05-105 Minute Majors (men)The Poutine Pounders (men)
4m 7s2024-04-29Sugar 'n Spice (wom)Varsity Club (wom)

Longest Wins

20m 18s2024-06-27Varsity Club (wom)RAND: Baby Firefly & Coo (wom)
18m 15s2024-01-31The Dominion (wom)Tell No Tales (wom)
17m 28s2024-02-18Hidden Girth (men)Froggeh & Redfield (men)
17m 17s2024-07-01RAND: Azul & Eldrin (men)RAND: Johnson & Ford (men)
16m 43s2024-07-11RAND: Johnson & Ford (men)RAND: Azul & Eldrin (men)
16m 12s2024-01-24Dance Revolution (wom)Seek and Destroy (wom)
15m 57s2024-01-27Dance Revolution (wom)After School Special (wom)
15m 41s2024-07-01RAND: Samuels & Weaver (wom)RAND: Velvet Dove & Diana Wonder (wom)
15m 40s2024-07-11RAND: Weaver & Wong (wom)Money Inc (wom)
15m 13s2024-01-26Hidden Girth (men)The Think Tank (men)

Battle Royals

Most Wins

Ali Morgan2
Mariah Iako2
Large Marge1
Lilith Knight1
Teddy King1
William Terrence Ford1
Devon Fox1
Dani Weaver1
Bruce Rockwell1

Total Eliminations in this year's Battle Royals

7Dani Weaver
6Devon Fox
6Mariah Iako
6Chris Redfield
6Ali Morgan
5Marko Vujovic
4Big Bad Bobby D
4Dante Moon

Fastest Elimination in a Battle Royal

TimeDateEliminatedby Wrestler
6 sec2024-05-06Violet RavenDante Moon
8 sec2024-01-13ButcherBlitz Creeg
11 sec2024-02-14SephirohtMighty Mite
13 sec2024-01-26Damian JadeSephiroht
16 sec2024-01-27The TeacherMariah Iako
18 sec2024-05-06Elizaveta UsovIsabella Ramon
39 sec2024-01-17Isabella RamonDani Weaver
49 sec2024-01-13Psycho MantisDr. Bacon
50 sec2024-02-06Eden WhiteJesse
59 sec2024-01-26The Dark KnightDominus

Royal Rumbles

Most Wins

Adwoa the Eliminator1

Total Eliminations in this year's Royal Rumbles

7Adwoa the Eliminator
6Vincent Johnson
3Marshall Magnum
3Dani Weaver
3Eve the Prototype
3Anthony Jindrak
3Sarka Rose
2Velvet Assassin

Most Eliminations in a single Royal Rumble

72024-01-27Adwoa the Eliminator
62024-01-26Vincent Johnson
32024-01-26Marshall Magnum
32024-01-26Anthony Jindrak
32024-01-27Eve the Prototype
32024-01-27Dani Weaver
32024-01-27Sarka Rose
22024-01-26Eldrin the Butcher

Fastest Elimination in a Royal Rumble

TimeDateEliminatedby Wrestler
13 sec2024-01-26Diamond Dave TolosToomas Wolfridge
18 sec2024-01-27S1nisterAdwoa the Eliminator
19 sec2024-01-27Ali MorganViolet Raven
21 sec2024-01-27Melissa EwingAdwoa the Eliminator
22 sec2024-01-27Claire RedfieldDani Weaver
40 sec2024-01-26Cowboy Curt CunninghamMighty Mite
48 sec2024-01-27Olive OylEve the Prototype
51 sec2024-01-26StoneDr. Bacon
52 sec2024-01-26SephirohtMarshall Magnum
62 sec2024-01-27Baby FireflyAdwoa the Eliminator

Lowest Seed to win a 30-Person Royal Rumble

6Adwoa the Eliminator

Title Defenses

Most Singles Title Defenses

4Internet Championship39Chris Redfield
2Internet Championship44The Dark Knight
2Women's Internet Championship52Large Marge
1Women's Canadian Championship41Maple Marksman
1Women's Hardcore Hello Kitty Championship41Dani Weaver
1SGWF Championship82Eldrin the Butcher
1Women's Hardcore Hello Kitty Championship112Eden White
1Women's Canadian Championship82Lunchbox Linda
1Internet Championship41Capt. Spaulding
1Internet Championship13Karnage

Longest Singles Title Reign Starting This Year

146SGWF ChampionshipEldrin the ButcherFeb-18 2024 to Nov-30 -0001
146Women's Canadian ChampionshipLunchbox LindaFeb-18 2024 to Nov-30 -0001
112Women's Hardcore Hello Kitty ChampionshipEden WhiteFeb-18 2024 to Jun-9 2024
82Hardcore Hello Kitty ChampionshipVincent JohnsonFeb-18 2024 to May-10 2024
64Canadian ChampionshipSebastian Van CiseMay-10 2024 to Nov-30 -0001
64Women's SGWF ChampionshipVelvet DoveMay-10 2024 to Nov-30 -0001
52Women's Internet ChampionshipLarge MargeApr-29 2024 to Jun-20 2024
44Internet ChampionshipThe Dark KnightMar-27 2024 to May-10 2024
41Internet ChampionshipCapt. SpauldingMay-10 2024 to Jun-20 2024
41Women's Canadian ChampionshipMaple MarksmanJan-8 2024 to Feb-18 2024

Most Tag Team Title Defenses

1Tag Team Championship55Hidden Girth
1Women's Tag Team Championship28After School Special
1Tag Team Championship255 Minute Majors
0Women's Tag Team Championship32Seek and Destroy

Longest Tag Team Title Reign Starting This Year

92Women's Tag Team ChampionshipAfter School SpecialApr-12 2024 to Nov-30 -0001
89Tag Team Championship5 Minute MajorsApr-15 2024 to Nov-30 -0001
55Tag Team ChampionshipHidden GirthJan-26 2024 to Mar-21 2024
32Women's Tag Team ChampionshipSeek and DestroyFeb-18 2024 to Mar-21 2024