Podcasts & Streaming

I love podcasting. I love streaming. Sometimes it’s a struggle to get the words out but I still feel very rewarded when I either produce a show or guest on someone else’s show.


  • Adventures in Azeroth – I continue to produce and co-host this World of Warcraft podcast with Leeta, although we’re on a bit of a hiatus at the moment.
  • Always Be Looting – Our D&D show. I’m responsible for the stream production (scenes, streaming, etc).
  • SGWF – My fantasy wrestling show. It’s grown by leaps and bounds. I’ve built databases, tools, pages, info cards, you name it. This is all me.
  • WoW Challenges Podcast – I created, produced, and co-hosted this podcast/vodcast show from Episode 0 (never aired) up through to Episode 172. The torch has been passed to Leeta to carry on the podcast and all that is WoW Challenges.

Podcast Guest Appearances

I’ve been given the wonderful opportunity to guest on many other podcasts and events. I’m truly grateful to everyone that’s had me on to talk about all sorts of things and stuff. Here’s a full listing of all shows I’ve had the privilege of guesting on.

Podcast Guest Appearances.