SGWF Player Owned Wrestlers (POWs)

The SGWF uses WWE 2K22 to simulate matches. If you have this version of the game, you can create your own wrestler and then upload it.

Our POW (Player Owned Wrestler) guidelines are subject to change.

The Basics

All POWs are subject to approval by Stone before admittance to the federation. See our rules here: Once approved, please upload your POW to Community Creations with either the #stonegrasp or #sgwf hashtags.

If you do not own WWE 2K22, please let us know as much as possible about your wrestler, so we can create it for you. Use the list below to create your wrestler and then send us the information via discord once you are given approval to join.

Player Owned Wrestler Details

Most of the items below should cover our rules governing POWs.

  1. Gender: Male/Female
  2. Face: Select one of the 16 provided face templates.
  3. Body Weight Class: Select one from the following:
    1. Cruiserweight
    2. Light Heavyweight
    3. Heavyweight
    4. Super Heavyweight
  4. Body Height/Weight: Weight is now tied directly to height in the game. If you provide your Height/Weight, we will match the height first and then get the closest we can to your desired weight.
  5. Fighting Style: Select one from the following:
    1. High Flyer
    2. Powerhouse
    3. Striker
    4. Technician
  6. Skin Tone: Please provide the Red-Green-Blue values from the game or give us a rough description.
  7. Attire: you are going to need to provide specific details on these. Again, keep things simple. The more complicated the attire the longer it’s going to take to get your wrestler created.
  8. Name Information:
    1. Provide your Name, Abbreviated Name, Entrance Name.
    2. Your Social Account Name will be your Twitch name.
    3. Presentation Name: provide at least one of the following: Nick Name, First Name 1, First Name 2, Last Name.
  9. Personal Information:
    1. Crowd Reaction: Cheer or Boo
    2. Personality Traits: Choose one from each option and provide a value from 1 to 100.
      For example: Prideful 42. Respectful 50. Desperate 69. Loyal 100. Bold 12. Aggressive 1.
      1. Egotistical or Prideful
      2. Disrespectful or Respectful
      3. Desperate or Perseverant
      4. Treacherous or Loyal
      5. Cowardly or Bold
      6. Aggressive or Disciplined
    3. Hometown: If your desired hometown is not in the game we will try to match it as close as possible.
    4. Crowd Signs (if applicable)
    5. Attributes will all be maxed to 99 or 100.
  10. Menu Screen Pose: Better to try and count the Rows and pose # within the row.
  11. Entrance: Provide the template / names for each category:
    1. Template
    2. Motion
    3. Title Motion
    4. MITB Motion
    5. Entrance Music
    6. Titantron Movie
    7. Ribbon Movie
    8. Wall & Banner Movie
    9. Stage Ramp Movie
    10. Apron & Ring Post Movie
    11. Movie Display: any other movie display settings are listed here.
  12. Move-Set: we will be using the Quick Edit function to define your wrestler’s move set.
    1. Select one of Fighting Style or Copy from Superstar and let me know which style or superstar you want me to copy your moves and skills from.
    2. We can tweak things like finishers and signatures. Let me know the name of the finishing moves you want your wrestler to use.
    3. Submissions: You can only have one submission across both your In-Ring signatures and finishers and one submission across both your Ringside signatures and finishers.
      1. Submission moves are not allowed in any other spot.

Music Restrictions

Wrestler entrance music must be selected from Epidemic Sound. Songs cannot be selected by multiple wrestlers, so they will be handled on a first-come first-serve basis. Your POW music selection can be chosen (and changed) by posting in our #sgwf-music channel on discord.

You can view Wrestler and Tag Team music selections here: SGWF Music List.