Random Generators

Here are a bunch of random generators for all kinds of things like Dungeons & Dragons, World of Warcraft, and even some silly stuff, like Survivor.

Dungeons & Dragons

I love D&D. I've made a bunch of random generators that aren't quite covered with other websites.

Dwarf City: create a random dwarf community - from The Book of Dwarves.
Encyclopedia Magica: roll for a random magic item or artifact from the Encyclopedia Magica.
Sphere Generator: creates a crystal sphere with random properties for your D&D campaign's star system.
Star System: create a random star system
Temple of Surrthak: there are many temples around with similiar configurations.


Some random generation scripts that don't fall into the other categories.

Survivor Borneo: randomly assigns the cast from Survivor Borneo and let's them duke it out.

World of Warcraft

Stumped on what kind of race, class, professions, or zone to pick for your next World of Warcraft Character? I created some tools to help you. Don't like the one randomly selected? Just hit refresh and try again.

Random Class: All CLASSES have an equal chance to be selected.
Random Race: All RACES have an equal chance to be selected.
Random Professions: Select two random professions for your character.
Random Zones: Select a random zone to quest / level through.