Diana Jones

Show: Deactivated
None / None
5-ft-3 / 132 lbs (None)
Debut: 2021-05-09
Entrance: Madame Pirate (91 sec)

Match Results (Last 35 Days)

No matches in last 35 days.

Title History

Fun Facts

  1. Her dad still won't tell her what's in his locker.
  2. Since she isn't a captain yet, she has to borrow The Flying Dutchman on the weekends.
  3. She's always on the lookout for treasure maps; let her know if you find one.
  4. You'd think her favorite letter would be R, but it actually is the C.

Special Moves

Signature 1:
Signature 2:
Finisher 1:
Finisher 2:

Match Stats by Type

Singles: 7-7-0
Win by: Pinfall: 7
Losses by: Pinfall: 6, Submission: 1

Triple Threat (1-fall): 1-1-1
Win by: Pinfall: 1
Losses by: Pinfall: 1
No Falls: 1

Triple Threat (Elim): 1-0
Elims by: Pinfall: 2

Four-Way (Elim): 1-2
Elims by: Pinfall: 3
Eliminated by: Pinfall: 2

Five-way (Elim): 0-1
Eliminated by: Pinfall: 1

Eight-Way (Elim): 0-3
Elims by: Pinfall: 3
Eliminated by: Submission: 1, Pinfall: 2

Battle Royal: 1-6 (9 Eliminations)

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