Grim Nights ()

Tag Finisher: N/A
Entrance: Temor Maldicon
Total Combined Weight: 460 lbs

Match Results (Last 35 Days)

No matches in last 35 days.

Title History

Fun Facts

  1. Since teaming up, they have aspired to make all nights a 'grim night' for their opponents.
  2. Their typical nights are usually not grim. Indeed, they are filled with music and partying.


No accolades earned yet.

Match Stats

Falls by Member:
Grimm: 7 - 1
Nighthawk: 21 - 9

Tag Team: 16-10-0
Win by: Pinfall: 13, Ladder Clutch: 1, Submission: 2
Losses by: Pinfall: 7, Submission: 2, Count-Out: 1

Tornado Tag 3-Way (1-fall): 1-0-0
Win by: Pinfall: 1

Tornado Tag 3-Way (Elim): 1-0
Elims by: Pinfall: 3, Submission: 1

Tornado Tag 4-Way (Elim): 2-0
Elims by: Pinfall: 7

Tornado Tag Team (Elim): 1-0
Elims by: Pinfall: 2

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