SGWF Paragons Results - Jan-05 2021 (Match History)

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Match Results

1766. Singles Match: AMBER ANDREWS defeats Lilith Knight by Pinfall.

1767. Singles Match: MADDIE HUNTER defeats Madison Windraker by Pinfall.

1768. Singles Match: CRAZY defeats Ali Morgan by Submission.

1769. Singles Match: DAZZLING MOON DAISY defeats Sporty Spice by Pinfall.

1770. Singles Match: LADY RED defeats Velvet Dove by Submission.

1771. Singles Match: JESSICA CAINE defeats Maple Marksman by Pinfall.

1772. Singles Match: CACIE EDGEWOOD defeats Succubus by Submission.

1773. Singles Match: ALEX SAMUELS defeats Sarah the Necromancer by Submission.

1774. Women's Poutine Belt Six-Way (1-fall) Match: THE BAKER defeats Molotov Cocktail by Submission and wins the Women's Poutine Belt!

1775. Women's Internet Championship Match: ALLURE defeats Mistress Mjolnir by Pinfall and wins the Women's Internet Championship!

1776. Women's Tag Team Championship Tag Team Match: BIRDS OF PREY defeats The Thrillseekers (Cacie Edgewood Count-Out to Lew). The Women's Tag Team Championship is defended!

1777. Women's Universal Championship Match: CRAZY defeats Cai by Submission and wins the Women's Universal Championship!