SGWF Nova Results - Sep-18 2022 (Match History)

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Match Results

5453. Four-Way (1-fall) Match: BOBBY "THE BRAIN" DUNN defeats Mighty Mite by Pinfall.

5454. Singles Match: MADISON WINDRAKER defeats Large Marge by Pinfall.

5455. Singles Match: TOOMAS WOLFRIDGE defeats Freeksho by Submission.

5456. Tornado Tag 4-Way (Elim) Match:
Order of Elimination:
1: Sgt. Rivera by Emma Black (Pinfall) at 06:50
2: Emma Black by Maddie Hunter (Pinfall) at 08:14
3: Maddie Hunter by Isabella Ramon (Pinfall) at 12:30
4: The Baker by Velvet Dove (Pinfall) at 14:30 (Sugar 'n Spice eliminated)
5: Roselet by Isabella Ramon (Pinfall) at 15:50
6: Trish DiBiase by Velvet Dove (Pinfall) at 18:06 (Fight Money eliminated)


5457. Singles Match: FURIOUS FRANKIE defeats Maple Marksman by Pinfall.

5458. Five-way (Elim) Match:
Order of Elimination:
1: Apollo by Diamond Dave Tolos (Table) at 02:30
2: Drift King by Diamond Dave Tolos (Table) at 03:40
3: Brum James by WynSum LooSum (Table) at 03:56
4: WynSum LooSum by Diamond Dave Tolos (Table) at 06:27

Stipulations: Tables

5459. Tornado Tag Team Match: CAI & MADISON WINDRAKER defeats Emma Black & Velvet Dove (Emma Black Pinfall to Madison Windraker).
Stipulations: Tables
** lurker reward match selected by DeFacto_Fiasco.

5460. Women's Canadian Championship Match: VELVET ASSASSIN defeats Velvet Dove by Pinfall
** title shot cashin by Scurvydog00.

5461. Hardcore Championship Match: DEVON FOX defeats Cowboy Curt Cunningham by Knock Out
Stipulations: Extreme Rules, Falls Count Anywhere
** title shot cashin by TheDantemoon.