Isabella Ramon

Show: Paragons
Striker / Resiliency
5-ft-8 / 143 lbs (Light Heavyweight)
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Debut: 2022-06-13
Entrance: Dusty Enigma (133 sec)
Tag Team: Nevermore

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Fun Facts

  1. Will neither confirm nor deny being related to a certain WWE Hall of Famer and founding member of NWO.
  2. Goal is to be in as many E-Feds as Melissa Ewing one day.
  3. Won the prestigious Rancho Cucamonga Wrestling Dojo and Taqueria graduate mixed tag tournament with fellow graduate Diamond-Dave Tolos.

Special Moves

Signature 1: Rose Plant 1
Signature 2: Coquina Clutch
Finisher 1: Wicked Stepsister 2
Finisher 2: Cave-In

Match Stats by Type

Singles: 8-4-0
Win by: Pinfall: 8
Losses by: Pinfall: 4

Triple Threat (1-fall): 0-0-2
No Falls: 4

Triple Threat (Elim): 0-1
Elims by: Pinfall: 1
Eliminated by: Pinfall: 1

Four-Way (Elim): 0-1
Eliminated by: Pinfall: 1

Eight-Way (1-fall): 1-0-0
Win by: Ladder Clutch: 1

Eight-Way (Elim): 0-5
Elims by: Pinfall: 4, Knock Out: 2
Eliminated by: Knock Out: 3, Pinfall: 1, Submission: 1

Battle Royal: 1-1 (1 Eliminations)

Royal Rumble (20): 0-1 (2 Eliminations)

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