SGWF Eclipse - Jul-17 2021 (Match History)

SGWF Eclipse features a mix of wrestlers from the Titans and Paragons shows.

Start Time: Saturdays at 10am Eastern at

Match Card subject to change. Match Card order may not be as shown.

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Scheduled Matches

2986. Tag Team Match: The Hit Squad vs. Faces of Fear

2987. Tag Team Match: The Corporation vs. Udderly Unstoppable

2988. Lurker Reward Match: Bobby "The Brain" Dunn vs. Owndog
** lurker reward match selected by BigBadBobbyD.

2989. Tag Team Match: Queen Anne's Revenge vs. The Infiltrators

2990. Triple Threat (1-fall) Match: Maddie Hunter vs. Roselet vs. Cai

2991. Lurker Reward Match: Midnight Mistresses vs. Blue Thunder
** lurker reward match selected by FrozenQueenAnna.

2992. Poutine Belt Qualification Match: Owndog vs. Dr. Bacon vs. Redwolf vs. SerGerrick

2993. Singles Match: Mischka vs. Calypso

2994. Triple Threat (1-fall) Match: Inferno vs. Freeksho vs. Nighthawk

2995. Battle Royal Match: One Eye Willie vs. Ruinstrider vs. Alpha Reaper vs. Ricardo Fernando vs. The Mechanic vs. Nightmare Blackwell vs. Bobby "The Brain" Dunn vs. Sephiroht

2996. Chat Room Boss Giveaway: Succubus vs. Zynda
** Match selected by Skaos_Games

2997. Tag Team Championship Tag Team Match: The Corporation (c) vs. The Goons
** title shot cashin by PlexRomero.

2998. Poutine Case Match: Cowboy Curt Cunningham vs. The Swinger (c)
** title shot cashin by TheDanteMoon.

2999. Women's SGWF Championship Match: Succubus vs. Calypso (c)
** title shot cashin by ThyKaneki.