SGWF Clash for the Cosmos 2021 - Sep-26 2021 (Match History)

Sunday September 26th, 2021 @ :
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Scheduled Matches

3429. Internet Championship Match: Scurvei Doggonev vs. The Mechanic (c)

3430. Women's Internet Championship Match: Candy Mandy vs. Frozen Queen Elsa (c)

3431. Tag Team Championship Tag Team Match: Soul Eaters vs. The Goons (c)

3432. Women's Canadian Championship Match: Alex Samuels vs. Calypso (c)

3433. Canadian Championship Match: Eldrin the Butcher vs. Junkyard Dog (c)

3434. Women's Universal Championship Match: Alice Wright vs. Frozen Queen Elsa (c)

3435. Women's Tag Team Championship Tag Team Match: Birds of Prey vs. Empire of Pain (c)

3436. Universal Championship Match: Sinister Cooper vs. Redwolf (c)

3437. Rivalry Match #6 - Cage Match: Melissa Ewing vs. Beverly Dynamite
Stipulations: Steel Cage
** Melissa Ewing leads 3 - 2

3438. SGWF Championship Match: Dr. Jake Hill vs. Scurvei Doggonev (c)

3439. Women's SGWF Championship Match: Calypso vs. Velvet Assassin (c)

3440. Tag Team Championship Tornado Tag 4-Way (1-fall) Match: The Mechanic & Xortz vs. Acrotchalypse Now vs. The Think Tank vs. The Goons (c)
** title shot cashin by XortzTheGoblin, ScurvyDog00, BigBadBobbyD.

3441. Women's Universal Championship Match: Calypso vs. Frozen Queen Elsa (c)
** title shot cashin by Stonegrasp.

3442. Hello Kitty Championship Match: Freeksho vs. Cowboy Curt Cunningham (c)
** title shot cashin by 9TwinScrew9.

3443. Universal Championship Match: Stuart Keane vs. Redwolf (c)
** title shot cashin by Skaos_Games.